Swallow my son's c**

I know it not what a mother should do but for the last 20 years since my son was 15, we 69 almost every day and I swallow his c**.

The first time it happened, on a Saturday morning he was in the shower and I had to pee. I walked in opened my rope and my body was exposed. At that moment he pulled back the shower curtain and saw me. This c*** started getting hard at once. It was 7 inch and thick when fully hard.

I simply said Oh my God. He stepped out and was in front of me, I just leaned forward and took his c*** in my mouth.
He lasted 5 minutes and said Mom I'm going to c**. I kept going and swallowed.

That weekend we spent in bed exploring each other. I also took his virginity that day. It was my first s** in 10 years and it was the best i had ever had.

I'm 54 now and the during those years the only time he did not go down on me was when I had my period. But even on those days I would blow him and swallow.

We have s** on weekends, but mainly it oral s**. When we wake up we shower together then go back to bed and do oral.

When my son gets home from work I greet him at the door only in my robe. I open it up to show him my body, and we kiss for a while. Then I push him against the wall, drop to my knees and suck him off.

After dinner we 69 several times.

We love each other so much. He always wants me. I feel so loved and sexually satisfied by him.

We even wear wedding rings because we feel we are married.

But I mostly love the taste of his c**.

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  • I find all of this truly upsetting and terribly disturbing, but it's not because I think it's wrong. I mean, yes, I actually do KNOW it's wrong, but it upsets and disturbs me because I have the very same urges. The fact that it's wrong is a part of the reason I'm so aroused by it. I've not acted on these urges, but I have laid in my bed at night next to my husband (my son's father), or in my bathtub during the afternoon, and have masturbated FURIOUSLY, imagining taking MY OWN SON as my lover (proving that I am the gutter w**** I dream of being) , and pleasuring myself AND HIM on a daily basis, teaching him all manner of filth and depravity, while he calls me his s*** and intentionally destroys my relationship with his father. I have no interest in other boys his age, and never have: I just want this particular boy and a large part of it is knowing that I cannot have him. His c*** is beautiful and long, and has the most enormous head/k*** in all of c*** history, and I want that f****** c*** in my hands, my mouth, my p****, and my ass. I want to beg him for it, but am afraid he would allow it just to please me, not because he wants me in the same immoral ways. I admire the OP and those who have shown the courage necessary to take what they desire. Please continue with your posts. God knows I love them, and they comfort me to know that I am not alone in my longing. Thank you all.

  • Go for it you won't regret it, feeling him c** in you the first time and that moment hit's you.... OMG it's my own son's c*** in my p**** filing my c*** with his c**.... a truly wonderful feeling

  • Healthy beverage.

  • Just think of how many grand kids you swallowed mom

  • He impregnated me 2 times, so I have my grandchild.

  • Is the kid ready to suck c*** yet?

  • I turned to my son also. After my his father left me and wanted no part of his life. My son and I were alone for 10 years and became very very close. We slept together at night and showered together. Most nights we slept naked. By 11 he would be spooning me our bodies pressed together I was 33. Soon I could feel his c*** getting hard each morning against my ass. I fought the urge to take his wonderful c*** in my mouth.

    It was on a Saturday the morning of Bobby's 14 birthday, I gave in. He woke up went to the toilet, naked his c*** was hard when he came back to bed.

    I was up leaning on one arm. As he was about to get in bed, I stopped him, we looked at each other and my mouth took in his c***.

    He only lasted a few minutes, he came and I willingly swallowed. I new at that moment I had found my true love.

    30 years have passed and we love each other. At age 38, he made me pregnant and we have a girl.

    I love my Son/Husband. S** is incredible!

  • I am happy for you.Keeping it within the family bonds the family.How is the daughter doing?Still on all fours?

  • Sucked my sons from the time he was a toddler

  • Nothing wrong with that

  • That's wonderful, good for you!!

  • I posted my experience elsewhere. It is here too.

  • My 15 yo boy sometime joins me in the shower. He is in boxer and I in bra holding my 40 yrs of little sagging b**** and panties. We soap each others body and very often we end up being h**** as I could see his bulge tough his wet boxer. I could see shades of bis brown hairs above the bulge too. One day, I wanted to see them - he was too willing and I pulled down his boxer to his knee. I asked him whether he ever shaved them - he never did. I offered him to shave his bush, he was too excited. I brought a razor and shaved his bush clean including those on the ball sack. His hard-on just throbbing with drops of precum glistening along his pee slit. I could not resist but give a head. Within a couple minutes he came in gushes. From then on it was routine for me to give him bj. I also taught him to shave my p**** clean and how to suck on them. After a couple of months we have full s** at lest couple times a month!

  • Good for you!

  • I started sucking my sons long before he could c**, I taught him how to lick my p**** and he f***** me the first time when he was 12, my ex and I split when he was young so I turned to him for my sexual pleasure

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