Swallow my son's c**

I know it not what a mother should do but for the last 20 years since my son was 15, we 69 almost every day and I swallow his c**.

The first time it happened, on a Saturday morning he was in the shower and I had to pee. I walked in opened my rope and my body was exposed. At that moment he pulled back the shower curtain and saw me. This c*** started getting hard at once. It was 7 inch and thick when fully hard.

I simply said Oh my God. He stepped out and was in front of me, I just leaned forward and took his c*** in my mouth.
He lasted 5 minutes and said Mom I'm going to c**. I kept going and swallowed.

That weekend we spent in bed exploring each other. I also took his virginity that day. It was my first s** in 10 years and it was the best i had ever had.

I'm 54 now and the during those years the only time he did not go down on me was when I had my period. But even on those days I would blow him and swallow.

We have s** on weekends, but mainly it oral s**. When we wake up we shower together then go back to bed and do oral.

When my son gets home from work I greet him at the door only in my robe. I open it up to show him my body, and we kiss for a while. Then I push him against the wall, drop to my knees and suck him off.

After dinner we 69 several times.

We love each other so much. He always wants me. I feel so loved and sexually satisfied by him.

We even wear wedding rings because we feel we are married.

But I mostly love the taste of his c**.

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  • That hot net you enjoy him

  • Isnt it great that moms sucking out their sons loads is kinky, nasty, hardcore amd at the same time is loving, nurturing pleasure

  • I think it is one of the most loving things a mother can do.

  • I find all of this truly upsetting and terribly disturbing, but it's not because I think it's wrong. I mean, yes, I actually do KNOW it's wrong, but it upsets and disturbs me because I have the very same urges. The fact that it's wrong is a part of the reason I'm so aroused by it. I've not acted on these urges, but I have laid in my bed at night next to my husband (my son's father), or in my bathtub during the afternoon, and have masturbated FURIOUSLY, imagining taking MY OWN SON as my lover (proving that I am the gutter w**** I dream of being) , and pleasuring myself AND HIM on a daily basis, teaching him all manner of filth and depravity, while he calls me his s*** and intentionally destroys my relationship with his father. I have no interest in other boys his age, and never have: I just want this particular boy and a large part of it is knowing that I cannot have him. His c*** is beautiful and long, and has the most enormous head/k*** in all of c*** history, and I want that f****** c*** in my hands, my mouth, my p****, and my ass. I want to beg him for it, but am afraid he would allow it just to please me, not because he wants me in the same immoral ways. I admire the OP and those who have shown the courage necessary to take what they desire. Please continue with your posts. God knows I love them, and they comfort me to know that I am not alone in my longing. Thank you all.

  • There are many mothers and sons who engage in sexual activities together and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It is completely natural and has happened for years and years. It some countries incest is actually legal eg Spain, Portugal and many others. It's time to legalize it everywhere and make it a human right!!

  • If I can't control my urges to do with my son what our OP has been doing with hers, it's entirely possible that I may have to move to Spain or Portugal. I have been hot for him for several years, but ever since I wrote my post above, it's like a raging wildfire has been lit between my legs and I want him more than ever. I'm becoming so weak for him!

  • Maybe you are becoming *strong* for him ?

  • The fact you feel guilty means you have a conscience, but clearly those feelings are strong and unstoppable. How old are you and your son? What happened to start your l*** for him?

  • I'm 46 (married late in life) and my son is 14. My hunger for him began just before he turned 11. He, his father and I had gone to a pool party, and as he climbed out of the water, I happened to glance over and notice that his trunks clung to him in a way that you could see how long he was and how gigantic that m************ k*** was (the word "m***********" is now my favorite word). Even at his age at the time, he had the c*** of a god, and the kind of size that would make any grown woman weak at the knees. It certainly did mine: I actually gasped out loud when I first saw it and I thought I was going to pass out. Since then, his d*** has gotten bigger and bigger, and more and more beautiful, and I use every excuse available to just get a peek at it. I rationalize constantly over the stupid explanations I offer to look at that.......thing. Since I've started writing about it here, I feel like I am losing my grip more each day. God, I need help. But I do so greatly admire the OP and am inspired by her true love and her relationship.

  • Should have started sucking him off younger than that.

  • Love to suck on that

  • Thanks for replying. What kind of excuses do you use to look at his c***?
    Do you ever show off for him?

  • There are a couple of things. The primary one is that, when he's sick I always take his temp, part of checking available vitals at home. That's not new. But after the pool incident, I switched back from using an oral thermometer to a rectal one: I said it was because I'd read that they are much more accurate (which they are), but actually that was just an excuse to get his pants and underwear off. And occasionally, inserting it in his r***** will stimulate him enough to cause a mild erection. However, on this boy, a mild erection is enough to make him much bigger than a full-grown man......such as his much-smaller father, for example. His father's equipment is utilitarian: my son's is a work of art. The other excuse is much less frequent but far more intimate. He goes camping a few times a year and I developed a bad lie that involves checking him for ticks and other critters (one of his uncles actually DID get lyme disease before my son was born), and my examination includes raising his testicles and p****, ostensibly to see if he brought home any hitchhikers or has any red spots or rashes. Naturally, he never has, but holding him in my hands -- and near my face -- is an act of perverted pleasure and true love. Plus, his c*** smells like m************ heaven. You could not imagine how wonderfully dirty I feel after perpetrating these flimsy lies to enjoy the intimacy. I am a bad mother, I know, but I truly cannot help myself.

  • Youre a great mother. giving him a b****** would only make you greater. IMO, its the mothers that deprive their little boys of sexual pleasure that are being abusive.

  • You shouldn't have to lie to be able to touch your son. Touch and also taste are natural things to do. So if you want touch your son that's absolutely fine and if you want your son's p**** in your mouth then just do it.

  • Agreed , I think as long as they enjoy sexual stuff and it is not forced then I see no probs with doing it, both boys and girls have "good feelings" long before they can make a baby so if they are ok with s** go ahead

  • Exactly, I felt nothing but love when my mum used to give me oral s**. How can that ever be wrong.

  • My mum sucked mine long long long before I could c**

  • So you surprised her with it?

  • Nothing perverted about enjoying some s** play I am male and I would love his c*** too

  • It seems so wickedly appropriate that you feel "wonderfully dirty" after finding excuses to see and touch your son's p****.
    When taking his temperature, do you lubricate his a*** with your finger to make the insertion of the temperature probe easier? Do you rub your finger around, and perhaps insert it slightly, telling him that it will make it easier to take his temperature?
    When he is sick, perhaps too sick to take a shower every day, do you take his clothes off so you can wipe his entire body down with a damp cloth, to keep him clean... everywhere?
    Or at the very least, if he can't shower, change his underwear for him?

  • Legal incest? I am joining you in Spain! My step daughter gets my c*** throbbing I want her bad

  • Even though I am a mother, I can certainly understand your need and your love for her. Are there particular things the girl does that gets you going that way?

  • She is a tease she knows what she is doing, she parades around just in her knickers, sits across from me and puts her legs up on the chair and spreads them so her knickers bunch up and her p**** is a little bit showing, plays on her tablet and just pretends she has no idea,sometimes if I say in the evening I am going for a shower she will ask me to wait while she goes to pee, takes off her knickers and leave them nice and warm laying on the floor for me to find, she knows I like sniffing her knickers

  • As long as all concerned are of legal age incest is legal in Spain, Portugal and also the Netherlands. Like I said before, it should be legalized everywhere!!

  • When I first read above about Spain being a possible haven for my perverted longing for my son, I felt hopeful. Not that I was preparing to move, but just the thought of it being POSSIBLE was a bright spot. Sadly, for me, my son is only 14 and not of legal age. There are many reasons I've never acted on my l*** for him, but moving to Spain isn't going to make him any older. I wish it were as easy as that. And I wish he was inside me right now.

  • Two years isn't a long time to wait for something very special

  • Mum he may feel the same way so why not discuss it with him, who cares if he is "only" 14 at his age all boys are thinking about is p****, if he wants to and you want to where is that wrong? Why should it be anybody else's business? May be you don't have s** maybe he just eats your p**** and let's you suck him off for now or maybe you just give him hand jobs but at least then you are getting his c***

  • Yes, I have dreamed of that, where I tearfully confess to him, beg him, and we begin an affair within the household. But I am too afraid to take the chance that he would tell my husband, and I would lose them both. Worse, I live in mortal fear that, if he discovered my desire, my son would laugh at me. Were that to happen, I would kill myself.

  • You articulate your feelings and your dilemma skillfully and honestly. Your son would never laugh at you, but he might not accept it if things are sprung on him suddenly (see my washcloth example, above).
    Have you ever caught him looking at you? What do you wear that might encourage more looks from him?

  • Counts me out I like dem young

  • Not too young :)

  • No such thing, the p**** isn't ready the ass is, the ass isn't ready the mouth is its a hole to c** in

  • Go for it you won't regret it, feeling him c** in you the first time and that moment hit's you.... OMG it's my own son's c*** in my p**** filing my c*** with his c**.... a truly wonderful feeling

  • Dear God, you are so lucky, to have that experience and for it to be continuing! Having him jetting his c** against your cervix! But also c****** on your body or in your hand, and being able to taste and SWALLOW his nut! Christ, I want my son's s**** in my mouth. Help me, God.

  • It feels so good I am wet all the time thinking about him coming home from school and letting me feel his c*** or suck it, and having his c** in me, he is great at eating p**** too

  • Jesus...........Jesus.....F****** Jesus................ when I read what you wrote.... it made me c**. I have been writing here about my son and the fact that the writing makes me want him more. But that is (so far) mere fantasy. What you just said is reality. And you are living it. I envy you. You are a lucky woman. Maybe the luckiest one alive. Thank you for sharing your wonderful relationship. You are an amazing mother.

  • Have you sucked him off yet?

  • Healthy beverage.

  • Just think of how many grand kids you swallowed mom

  • He impregnated me 2 times, so I have my grandchild.

  • Please tell us about the experience of conceiving and then carrying his child, and about raising that child.

  • OMMFG.....this is hot AF!!!

  • Is the kid ready to suck c*** yet?

  • They are born ready

  • I turned to my son also. After my his father left me and wanted no part of his life. My son and I were alone for 10 years and became very very close. We slept together at night and showered together. Most nights we slept naked. By 11 he would be spooning me our bodies pressed together I was 33. Soon I could feel his c*** getting hard each morning against my ass. I fought the urge to take his wonderful c*** in my mouth.

    It was on a Saturday the morning of Bobby's 14 birthday, I gave in. He woke up went to the toilet, naked his c*** was hard when he came back to bed.

    I was up leaning on one arm. As he was about to get in bed, I stopped him, we looked at each other and my mouth took in his c***.

    He only lasted a few minutes, he came and I willingly swallowed. I new at that moment I had found my true love.

    30 years have passed and we love each other. At age 38, he made me pregnant and we have a girl.

    I love my Son/Husband. S** is incredible!

  • I am happy for you.Keeping it within the family bonds the family.How is the daughter doing?Still on all fours?

  • Sucked my sons from the time he was a toddler

  • Does he know words or just scream at the finish

  • Nothing wrong with that

  • That's wonderful, good for you!!

  • I posted my experience elsewhere. It is here too.

  • My 15 yo boy sometime joins me in the shower. He is in boxer and I in bra holding my 40 yrs of little sagging b**** and panties. We soap each others body and very often we end up being h**** as I could see his bulge tough his wet boxer. I could see shades of bis brown hairs above the bulge too. One day, I wanted to see them - he was too willing and I pulled down his boxer to his knee. I asked him whether he ever shaved them - he never did. I offered him to shave his bush, he was too excited. I brought a razor and shaved his bush clean including those on the ball sack. His hard-on just throbbing with drops of precum glistening along his pee slit. I could not resist but give a head. Within a couple minutes he came in gushes. From then on it was routine for me to give him bj. I also taught him to shave my p**** clean and how to suck on them. After a couple of months we have full s** at lest couple times a month!

  • Should have started way younger but hot

  • I envy you SOOOOO much!

  • Good for you!

  • I started sucking my sons long before he could c**, I taught him how to lick my p**** and he f***** me the first time when he was 12, my ex and I split when he was young so I turned to him for my sexual pleasure

  • Tell us about the first b****** and how young. must have been so hot surprising you with s**** at some point. im sure you made him scream.

  • My dear sweet mother of christ! this is so wonderful. so warm. so loving. so beautiful. thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Not the OP... I think moms being the first o***** and first c**-in-mouth is a duty. But also no reason not to start far younger than e**********. first o***** is an amazing thing to watch.

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