Sew your seed in me please.

I am a 34 year old fairly attractive curvy woman (white, 5'5", 165lbs, long black hair, green eyes, and 38 D) with a great career and a home of my own. I have had bad luck to worse luck with dating. I want a family of my own. I say another woman had some success on here and I would like to try. I am looking for an intelligent man with good genetics and hygiene. Preferably between the ages of 28 and 40, but willing to make exceptions for the right man. Race is not an issue for me either. I would like to find a man that would be willing to have more than one child with me if possible or I would like to find several men over the course of the next 6 years or until I reach my desired number of children. In exchange I am willing to satisfy the needs of the man who wants to donate his seed. You do not have to have any part in the children's lives or you can co-parent wit me. Please, get back to me soon. I would like only serious inquiries only. Please respond with family history and pictures. Thank you!

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  • 30 years old, 6’1” blue eyes brown hair good body. I’ve got your seed

  • If had always dreamed of getting other women pregnant.

  • Why would any man be stupid enough to oblige. You are throwing away your life and will undoubtedly have to support these children. That is why women want children especially multiple children. They will laze out and become fat pigs and the guys will foot the bill. And if this lady is 165 now, 2 bills and more is not too far away.

  • Well not all buys are ignorant and illiterate. There is no responsibility required by a man. Unless he chooses to be a part of the kids lives. However, for a chauvinistic pile of crap like you one only hopes you stay in your mom's basement before you abuse a woman, abd are the true drain on society as a whole.

  • Wife and I moved into her mom's house after I lost my job from a downturn. I got up to use the bathroom one night and when I walked in, I caught her mother naked sitting on the toilet rubbing herself. I was half asleep and really wasn't sure what I was seeing. I just stood there looking at her, legs still spread apart with her fingers half ass attempting to cover her p****. She asked me if I needed something. So i pulled out my d*** and I told her s**. She told me to go wake my wife up for that. So I asked "how about a b****** then"? She still said no, so I went back to bed.

  • LoL...great story bro. Your mistake was to talk about it. Had you simply walked over and taken action....!?

  • I’m definitely interested. I am an active and healthy 42-year-old executive with three healthy, intelligent children already. Clean medical history. Smart, witty, charming. Graduated with honors from a top university, have had a storied career so far. You sound interesting, sexy and beautiful. If you’d like to explore more, let me know how we can get in touch.

  • Email me at

  • Interested

  • Ok.. tell me about you and what your wanting and what your thoughts are.

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