I have a fetish for stomach growls and talk to my own stomach

My fetish for stomach growls started at the age of 17,It began after breakfast.I was getting ready for school when suddenly i heard an unusual sound it sounded like someone or something was saying married couple but it was deep and gurglly.That’s when i realised it was my stomach saying that,I put my hands on my stomach rubbing it trying to calm it down but nothing worked.It continued all through out the day this might sound unusual but i loved it when my stomach would growl and i still do today.It’s because of my fetish i got to understand my stomach more in fact i would Wait all day for my tummy to start rumbling.To hear that beautiful sound of my stomach growing is just not only making me calm but it also makes me want to hear other people’s bellies especially other women ever since that fateful day i have always wanted to find someone who has the same fetish as me.Someone who i can talk to,someone who’s willing to me let me listen to the beautiful sound of their stomach to rub it and talk to it.So if there is anyone who would like to me about what you feel about the beautiful sound of your stomach don’t hesitate to contact me at bridgetshillingford@gmail.com and who knows maybe you and i just might become friends



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