A black man who murdered and raped a 14 year old girl

The young black girl was minding her own business when this grown black man approached her for s**. She refused and he beat, raped and stomped her to death. He was caught before the end of the day. He was sentenced to death.

After his appeals dried up he was executed by lethal injection. Instead of killing his instantly it took 45 minutes for him to die. He was obviously suffering.

I find myself unable to feel bad about it. He suffered way less than his victim.

In Mississippi this man raped and strangled a three-year-old girl to death. He was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. The executioner deliberately failed to put enough gas in the chamber to kill him quickly and it took 20 agonizing minutes for him to die. He kept slamming his head against a metal pole behind him.

I feel no pity for him in fact I agree with what the executioner did.

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  • Child killers should be tortured first , than hanged .

  • To die a very slow painfull death

  • That's generally the idea, with torture and hanging............

  • Rape is ALWAYS wrong but I love the idea of 3 yr old p****

  • THA'S RACI--- wait they are both black, nvm
    one less waste of skin on the planet, just a few billion more to go

  • Those NIG GERS deserved to die!!!!!!!

    But I sure would have enjoyed some of that sweet young pus sy!!!!!!!

  • I havent laughed this hard in ages. my man keep up the great posts

  • Not if fools like you read them and think their funny!!!!!

  • Too many scumbags of all colors and genders breathing my air

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