Finally f***** my step brother

I always had a sexual desire to f*** my step brother when I became 19 I never said anything not even to my bestfriend. I had to be about 21 when he first came on to me sending me d*** pics talking nasty to me I’ll send pictures back so and so we’ll I’m 24 now and we finally had s** and it was so amazing I should feel bad but I really don’t his s** was god blessing lmaooooo the way he stroked me different positions the way his lips touched my p**** and he sucked on my c*** when he slid his fingers inside me my body fell so relaxing and I never had a o***** like the one gave me I never felt the way my body felt he took my body to a different level I never knew it can go he f***** me all night and I mean all night I can still Feel his stokes as I type this I get wet thinking about him every time I see him my p**** gets to throbbing I get hot nobody knows or caught on I will say I would love to just do it one more time because I really don’t want to start nothing knowing that we already did from the first time he stuck his big beautiful bronze d*** inside me



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  • Naw he’s not my blood so I don’t feel bad sorry not sorry

  • More details

  • He f***** me last night and I creamed all over his d*** and licked it up nice and slow

  • Wah I'm getting turned on with your story..i want to f*** your p****.

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