Patrick's Feminine Obsession

Hi, My name is Patrick K. and I am a Cross dresser. I have been cross dressing since I was about 11. I started with my sister Theresa's lingerie. It was such a rush when I was that age! I would try her things on and even stash them in my room. Sometimes I would dress at night when family was sleeping and walk around quietly. I would visit my sisters room often. Dressed and pleasing myself while she slept sometimes only inches away. I even touched my c*** to her lips and face a few times. When I was 13 or so I started to dress and walk outside at night in lingerie and swimwear. I had this favorite blue and white polka dot bikini that I wore outside often! I got it from a friends sisters drawer. Sometimes I would ride my bike into the woods and dress there during the day! When I got my drivers license I started driving dressed and picking up ladies of the night. That went on for 10 years. In my 30's I started to meet other cross dressers, and men online and meet them at various locations. I love getting f***** while dressed and worshiping c*** for hours! When I lived in Milwaukee I used to dress fully and drive to a dark spot and get out and walk the streets like a w****! I never got in anyone's car, too chicken, but had many pursue me. I love to be feminine and have learned to accept it and all its problems. My wife is very supportive. I hope you all have fun and don't stop doing whatever it is that you love!

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  • Quite a few boy's embrace their feminine beauty, I was such a boy. I had an older boy who cherished my schoolgirl qualities and I was delighted to share with him.

  • Wearing moms sisters mother inlaws my wife's lingerie panties bras pantyhose garter belts teddies any of they're pretty dresses I like the feeling becoming a woman tasting licking my precum wife's dilldo inside my rear slit as I slide up and down on..momspantysniffer

  • I loved wearing my sisters and mums clothes. I would wear my sisters lingerie whenever I got the chance from an early age. Often raided the laundry basket especially after she had been out with her boyfriend. Even managed to spy on them once, the first naked women I saw even though she was only 16. I will remember that day as long as I live and the pleasure I got from finding her panties later.

  • I was trading with the neighbor girl from an early age. She'd wear my underpants and I'd be in her panties. Got caught by the neighbor boy next door and he started fooling around with me.

  • That's so hot!

  • It's weird because when I was in boy's underpants I was reluctant to fool around with him. In girls panties I literally would be totally submissive?

  • Wow, this seems to be a common trait! I had three older sisters and a dad that worked away most of the year so I grew up almost entirely surrounded by female lingerie. It did not take me long before I started dressing in my sisters and mothers clothes. I guess I was probably around eight years old. Whilst I have always made efforts to control this passion it will not go away and as I get older the urge gets stronger and stronger. I am now in my sixties!

    How I long to return to th I see earlier days.

  • I too started wearing my sister's clothes when I was young. I would play dress up with her and have wonderful memories of those days. I own a few things that I enjoy wearing still, but my wife has no idea. I am a huge fan of cross dresser fems.

  • Nice Patrick! I started wearing my mom's clothes at about the same age. Love to see some of your pics and hear your stories.

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