The P**** Drawing Incident

In 2016 I was on bumble and was talking to a decent looking girl. I was about to move overseas in 3 days and wanted some last American p****. When I arrive, conversation comes up about the election. We had opposing views. She was a vehement bisexual feminist, etc. Yet she was a h**** one too. This was a hate f*** of epic proportions. She loved it yet cursed the election the whole time while I mounted and f***** her b**** deep. Hate f**** are the best - making her say “I love
your c***” and “trump is my president” was a turn on. She liked it so much that the night before I left for overseas we met again, after opening oral I mounted her and put my finger in her ass slowly. She liked it, so I put my c*** in that big ass slowly but surely. She moaned but kept
wanting it. It was like her punishment for losing. I went b**** deep and left c** dripping out of her ass. I then told her see you in 2020 and she cursed. She’s since turned into a usual feminist but I know behind most types there’s a longing for a pounding. Hate f**** can be the best

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