Reality vs l***

I am a man in my early 30s, I am well known, attractive, Ive been married for 10 years and have kids. I live a perfect little life, help people, word hard, show my family all the loving attention they need. I have always had tons of kinks and strong sexual desires that have gone unfulfilled. My wife totally hates p*** and is not very open to new things in bed even though over the years I have gotten her to do some oral/ a***/ and let me play with toys with her. Its not very often that we have s** but I at least edge every day. I have had a few close calls with cheating but I think I mostly like it for the attention and the shaky trembling feeling it gives me. I think the long term guilt would never be worth the temporary pleasure so that's mostly what has kept me from going all the way. My fantasies and kinks seem to change with the week. I live in a constant state of l*** fantasies while trying to keep this perfect reality intact. Is there anyone else that experiences this kind of life ? Keeping your dark side of desire always hidden from everyone with out even having someone you can talk with about it ?

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  • My married life is very similar to yours. I rarely have s** with my wife but still m********* regularly to p*** with different kinks from transgender to barely legal. I’m 48 but feel like 28 and still h**** as h***. I’ve also come close to cheating but backed away from it. I wish I had someone to share my darkest thoughts with also.

  • Like you guys, I've got naughty fantasies that I would love to play out. I love to m*********, somewhat more than having s** with my wife. I have many kinks and taboo things that get me hard and that I stroke off to. It would be great to have some friend that I can share it with as we talk on the phone.

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