Teaching her how to swim

In the past I thought a girl how to swim in the swimming pool. She wanted me t hold on to her really well. I gripped her really well between her legs holding her little v***** really well. It was scary at first but I quickly gave her a good rub. I enjoyed it so much I got an erection.
She enjoyed it so much it was such a rewarding experience for me as it was for her. I gave her many swimming lessons that summer. When we changed into our normal clothes i couldnt resist having a peak at her cute little coin slot. I gave her another good couple of rubs there. I wish many more little girls will come my direction. I cant wait for it. Please god thank you so much for this naught experience.



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  • My name is Jenny when I was young my mom paid a high school boy to teach me to swim every day one summer. Mom dropped me off in the morning and he watched all day. I was 7 and he was 15.

    We spent several hours a day in the pool and tanning. I wore a little two piece and he took his time, by the second week his hand was on my p**** and soon after that I was naked in the pool. I liked being like that.

    He would hold me by my p**** as a practiced arm movement. Then he started slipping fingers in me. One day i got in the pool I was naked and he stripped. I had never seen a d*** before he was looking at me and his d*** got hard.

    I found it amazing as it grew. He pulled me out of the water and pulled on the grass with him. He started fingering me it felt so good. Then he took my hand and held it on his d*** and taught me to j*** him. We started kissing, I was confused by how my body felt, but I wanted more. Then he said, Jenny I'm going to c**. I saw a man c** for the first time, as he did it on my belly.

    He really kissed me then saying Jenny I love you.

    This kept up for three weeks, on August 1 1977, I lost my virginity to him. I didn't even hurt, he had been fingering me and other objects so much I was fully open. A candle has broken my hymen a week before, so i didn't bleed from s**.

    I swam well by then, and we spent August f******. I learned to suck c*** and swallow. I became hooked on a***.

    When the fall came he watched me after school. We got homework done and could f***.

    I got pregnant by him at 14, he was 22. Mom was cool about it. We are still together and I loved seeing him teach our daughter to swim.

    The 3 of us play together most nights.

  • I did the same with a 13 yo girl while teaching her swimming. I used to hold her breast by one hand and below her abdomen with the other. The budding b**** used to send me a great hard-on and later I gather that she too enjoys my hands on her b****. This continues for several months when she wanted a kiss from me ... I did obliged!

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