Teaching her how to swim

In the past I thought a girl how to swim in the swimming pool. She wanted me t hold on to her really well. I gripped her really well between her legs holding her little v***** really well. It was scary at first but I quickly gave her a good rub. I enjoyed it so much I got an erection.
She enjoyed it so much it was such a rewarding experience for me as it was for her. I gave her many swimming lessons that summer. When we changed into our normal clothes i couldnt resist having a peak at her cute little coin slot. I gave her another good couple of rubs there. I wish many more little girls will come my direction. I cant wait for it. Please god thank you so much for this naught experience.

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  • I did the same with a 13 yo girl while teaching her swimming. I used to hold her breast by one hand and below her abdomen with the other. The budding b**** used to send me a great hard-on and later I gather that she too enjoys my hands on her b****. This continues for several months when she wanted a kiss from me ... I did obliged!

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