My sons c***

I have to get this off my Heart. My husband has been in hospital for some weeks already for having hurt his back. I tell this, for you to know, I've been without s** for quite some time. I think, otherwise it would not have happened like it did.

I walked into our sons room, he was 13 at that time, for bringing some clean clothes from ironing. It was in the morning and being a saturday and not school he was still in bed and sleeping deep. But I was surprized because he did not have his sleepingpants on and his p**** (should I say c***, when it's my sons?) stood straight up.

It was not that impressice, the one my husband owns is much longer and thicker, but it sent me back in my youth, when I handeled my first c***. It has been during a "Truth or Dare" (you call it that?) when it got out of hand and we all went nude and I had to suck my first c***. It was a 12 year old boy and it was the first c*** I ever touched.

The one I saw on my son reminded me to just this 12 year old boy many years ago. my sons c*** was as thin as the one years ago. Thr proportions did not fit yet. the head was much too thick for the thin length. I don't know, what came over me. I suddenly was kneeling beside our sons bed and had his c*** in my mouth. I did not have to do much. I just put my hands arond it and then he spurted. Not as much as my husband does but he already spurted com.

I swallowed and got up and put the clothes in the closet. He did not wake up and I think he upto today does not knoe, that he got his very first b****** by his mom.



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  • My mom did a similar thing i was 13. but after the first time I woke up but pretended to be asleep.

    Mom did it every morning playing with herself. Finally, one day I was getting close and held Mom's head. She tried to pull back but couldn't and I came in her mouth.

    I let go and she was crying, knowing she was caught. I said Mom, I love it. I know you really love me.

    She got on the bed and her p**** was at my mouth. I ate her she came

    30 years later, we are still at it. But we share a bed and are lovers.

    When I was 18, I got Mom pregnant, we have a daughter.

    S** with mom is incredible and constant. I want no one else.

  • I know what you mean. Mum first sucked on my p**** when I was 10 years old. Soon after, a 69er with Mum became a regular event. When I was just 12 years old, mum introduced me to full s**. Her v***** was so tight and hot. It gripped my p**** like a vice. Filling it with my warm, thick s**** is heavenly.

  • You were a bit young. It's good for a mother and son to make love.

  • This is about the same age I started sexual activities with my mum. It is great when a mother and son become intimate and creates a healthy natural bond. This is start of something special!! And for the record your son was awake, even if he had his eyes closed.

  • Mum I would love to suck your sons c*** too

  • Yes, he does know and may be expecting more from you next....

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

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