Mother in law l***

I have been wanting to f*ck my mother in law for about 10 years now and it just seems to get worse for me. I think about her all the time. What attracts me about her the most is her really big juicy ass. She has very small b****** and she is about 55 years old. Her husband is sick and so I know there not having s**. She’s never given me any clues she wants me to but I want to make a move soon. I just need to sleep with her to remove this urge. It’s killing me! I want her so bad. How should I make this move? Should I?

Oct 18, 2019

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  • Go for it

  • Get closer with her with any suitable pretext. Admire her body and look. She would love these kind of appreciation. Start with kiss on her cheeks and then on lips. Watch her reaction, and make the lip-kiss longer, she will soon be yielding to your wishes. F****** a mature woman is great fun!!

  • I do give her hugs and I place my arms near her ass but not on her ass. Sometimes she finds me for the hug and then others it’s like she don’t care. When I first met her I felt she was trying to hit on me but that was ten years ago. I just really want to f*** her so bad! I want her dearly!

  • H*** yes! Just let her see you naked. One thing will lead to another and it will happen. I would love to have s** with my mother in law Zora. I am going to let her accidentally see me naked next week.

  • Let me know what happens.

  • You park yourself not in her a*** but your a*** will be on the pavement once wifey discovers your stupidity.Your M in L is not interested to rape is yet another risk.Wake up and overcone the desire.

    One chance can be taken though ,with your wife's help.Just ask her if her mother could be missing conjugal bliss.If you get stabbed by her stare there and then,nothing can progress.If she volunteers and the m in l is ready ,there is some hope.

    I feel you be happy with your wife's body.

  • I have brought it up. She said this... if you ever f*** another woman just don’t let me find out. Not sure if that applied to her mom. My wife is pretty awesome but I don’t know what the rules are about her mom. One more thing... m in l is not married to wife real dad. That’s a step dad.

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