Mom son daily oral s**

Every morning after my husband goes to work. My 18 year old son James and I shower together then go to his room, kiss for several minutes then 69 for a half hour.

It end with me c****** so hard it sometimes hurts and him c****** in my mouth and me swallowing.

My son's c*** is huge, 10 inches and he can last forever. His father rarely even touches me, s** once every 3 months is a lot. He just doesn't like s**. And his c*** is small 5 inches.

I fell in love with my son when he was 13, and gave him my heart, soul, love and body completely.

My day is not complete if I don't start without tasting his c** in the morning.

On weekends, I blow James in the kitchen while his father showers. It fast and hard. James basically force f**** my throat and dumps his c** in my mouth. He also slaps me as he's angry we have to rush. I love being hit by him.

We also f*** most nights, in the kitchen while my husband is asleep on the living room sofa. We do not use protection.

I'm only 39, I've been begging James to f*** me more, I want to get pregnant by him. If that happens my husband will leave and James and I can live like we are married. And f*** anytime we want to.

My body aches for his monster c*** to f*** me and c** in me.


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  • Does mommy still read comments?

  • I hope to have such a beautiful relationship with my future daughter.

  • Damn you make me hard. Lucky son.

  • Is this story for real?

  • Yes. I love my son completely. I have been with other men, before I was married, by he is a prefect lover. I want no one else.

    All the men I was ever with c**** felt too small. His 10 inch c*** fills me perfectly. I c** every time.

  • Go ahead with steamy s**.

  • There are people who have s** with family. I've had s** with my sister many times. It's more common than people realize. In some countries incest between adults is legal and so it should be.

  • My mom and I started daily oral 3 years ago on my 18th birthday.That was her gift. Best gift ever.

    My dad walked in on us f******. 2 years ago and caught us. He just watched and then said, " Good you f*** her. I've hated f****** your mother for years."
    Then left.

    The next day he moved his stuff into my room and my things in to the master bedroom. And told me she your problem now.

    Mom and I now can f*** as we want. Dad has 3 women he f**** and bring home.

    I say it a win win for all.

    I love mom's mouth on my c*** and c****** in her p****.

  • Not a good idea to get pregnant but nothing wrong with having s** frequently with your son.

  • Getting pregnant is the bond

  • The only man I want to have a child with is my son. He has my heart, soul and body.

    His magnificent c*** is the only one that has ever made me c** during s**.

    Since my posting I have been finding ways to f*** him more. Meeting him during lunch, going to his room at night for s**. And having him c** in me in the morning rather than swallowing.

    I've been ovulating this week and hoping a pregnancy happens.

  • That's a good mother

  • How do you manage to evade your husband?Is sonny always home and daddy out most of the day?

  • Good luck !!!! Take one aspirin a day while ovulating. It will help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

  • My husband leaves on a business trip on Friday and will be away a week.

    We will be able to l f*** alot. James has very fast recovery time after c******. One weekend he came 12 times from s** and blow jobs.

    This weekend I want it all in my p****. My ovulation will be at it's peak!

    With luck I'll be pregnant soon!

  • You have a lot of time for frolicking.Just tell us the locations in house where you made love and the positions you both love.

  • Good luck!

  • Ask him to push in two of his fingers to stoke your g-spot. You will have great o******. Do you love swallowing his c** while you suck his c*** dry as it goes soft slowly??

  • Yes, in the morning after he c**, I'll keep sucking, half the time he gets hard again. It takes a while, but he then gives me a second load of his c** to swallow.

    I love how his c** tastes. Knowing I'm swallowing my son's c** makes me so h****.

  • When my mom went down on me she said right before "I'm gonna show you why i was called the b****** goddess in high school." It was amazing. wish i couldve e********* but that came (lol) in due time.

  • Does he drink a lot of pineapple juice?That gives a nice taste to the s****.

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