Forced s**/rape fetish

I’m a 21 y/o asian girl in college and I can’t help but fantasize being forced by a strong older man on the side of the street or into a car back to his home and just tied to a bed or pinned down. I want his big hard c*** to penetrate my wet p**** and for him to f*** and fill me with his c** over and over until he’s satisfied. I love feeling helpless and kinda fearful. I love the thought of rough s** and the thought of hot c** filling and dripping out of my p****.

Idk just a thought that sends my p**** wet and throbbing

Oct 18, 2019

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  • Yeah, but in real situations, they might anaally rape you, and leave you feeling tons of pain.

    Even worse, you might get someone whose into BDSM. Might torture you to death.

    You shouldn't do that at all. You should probably learn some self defense if you think your urges will put you in danger.

  • You're lucky you aren't near me, I'd made you handicapped

  • I'd like help you too

  • I'd be willing to help with that

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