Dad just f***** me

I'm 19 guy and in college. I'm small for my age and very slight, I'm mistaken for a girl a lot.

My father left my room 10 minutes ago. Like he does almost every day since I was 12. He takes off my pants and then makes me suck his c***.

When he's hard he bends me over the side of my bed, lubs my ass f**** me for about 30 minutes then c*** in me.

I usually c** (and did today) as he f***** me.

I want him to stop but.I never resist. It feels so good, but it has made me gay.
And can only c** with him.

I hate myself for liking it. The first time he did it, I came and he said, Yes you are a f** and now your ass is mine. I cried because I was gay and would never be able to try s** with a woman.

He also makes me blow him each night and swallow. Since I'm gay I have no Choice.

I wish I wasn't gay.



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  • You are neither gay nor straight, you are human.
    you can identify as gay, saying you prefer men.
    you can identify any way you want or not at all.
    if you want a women, you will eventually find one.
    if you want women and men, you will eventually find a life that includes them.

  • If you like then that's ok, enjoy!!

  • But I was always told it wrong to enjoy being ass f*****. I hate myself for c****** while being f*****. If I m********* I can only c** by thinking about dad f****** me.

    His c** tastes so good. It wrong to want it, but I need him to force me to swallow.

  • If you are f****** a girl and thinking of a man there is no problem.
    Afterwards, are you glad you f***** a girl ? Who cares how you did it ?
    If she sees your eyes, she will be thinking you are thinking of her while you are f****** her, just keep your thoughts to yourself.
    Also, whatever gets you h**** now, can change later... it isn't a life sentence.

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