P**** viewing and masturbation

While joining a new job had to stay with my cousin's quarters for two months before moving to Paying Guest accommodation. The quarters had a little backyard and the bathroom and toilet were separate and build at the corner of the backyard. While my stay in their quarters, they had too leave the city for two weeks and I had to manage myself. After having dinner around 10.00 in the night I went to pee and while peeing could hear the voice of neighbors from their backyard adjacent to ours. I just peeped through the ventilator above and saw the young girls waiting outside their toilet for relieving themselves before going to bed. They were a total of five sisters. The toilet door opened and the third one came out of the toilet. Then the youngest one got inside without closing the door and lifting her skirt up downed her panty. She being too young around 12 years had a little pubic hair near the c**** only. After her the fourth young girl got inside and she too did not close the door and she had more pubic hairs but not that dark. After that the second one who is around 20 years of age got inside the toilet but closed
the door. Surprisingly the eldest of all who was the last to pee did not close the door and her p**** had thick dark pubic hair and as I was masturbating viewing all that girls came with great c**. I am little annoyed I could never see the second and third ones p******. This I could continue till my cousin family returned.

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