i have slept with 12 men. none were people i was in a committed relationship with. i blame being jaded 12 times over for my utter slutty behavior.
i lost my virginity to a one night stand to a guy. i told him i was a virgin and i was really drunk. but he didn't believe me. i was 18. i think that's where it began.
everytime i have s** with a guy that's all it is. ive had s** with a couple of friends and now we aren't friends.

now i have nothing left in me. for once i'd like to know what it's like to have strings attached s**.
just ONCE i want a man to have s** with me and stick around. call a few days later. be my boyfriend, or even my friend.
i don't know if its in the books for me but ill keep wishing

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  • Keep wishing! I used to be in the exact same position as you - and now I have found someone with whom I share the kind of love I never even thought existed. Keep wishing...

  • It's not the other guys' fault for you being jaded, or having nothing left, or even for not calling afterwards. It's up to you to actually find a guy who likes you before you f*** them. There is no such thing as a woman who is an "a****** magnet," only women who keep going after the same type of a****** guys.

  • Once you get married, all the s** for the rest of your life will be strings attached... with the same person. Have as much no-strings-attached s** as you can now before it's too late.

  • Well, it's really awesome to have strings attached s**....it's better than 1 night stands....after a while partners get very comfortable infront of each other, making the s** very easy to enjoy..no cares about being seen naked for the first time...H***, I m********* right in front of my wife, while she does the same, fully naked, HOT, uninhibited RAW s**....it's great...

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