Shared a changing cubical with sister at pool

This happened over the summer, but only just found this site. I am 17, my sister is 19 and at university. Over summer she was home, and a bit bored. She said she swam at uni and wanted to go to the pool, and invited me as I used to swim a fair bit.
When we got there it was packed, and trying to find available changing cubicles was proving difficult. When we found one, I said 'you take this one, i'll look for another'. But she said just come in here. Inside I had a thought that she must have her costume on under her clothes, so I told her I didn't have my trunks on, but she just told me to change.
Than her top came off, and her bra. Holy s*** I am staring at my sisters t***. She didn't flinch, and off came her sandels jeans and panties. By now I am about to have a heart attack as my sister is totally naked, and I can't look away from her p****, which I think was waxed, certainly no hair. She told me to hurry up, so I started undressing.
She got her costume on as I got naked. My c*** awkwardly popped out my shorts with a bit of a semi so I quickly turned round and pulled my shorts on.
We swam...
When we got out the pool there was a few cubicles but she held the door for me and I went in hers. She peeled her costume off and very thoroughly dried herself off in front of me, while I tried really hard not to get an erection.

So any ideas? My sister has gone to uni and now seems nothing wrong in being naked in front of me??????
Anyone else had this?
Is it ok that despite feeling awkward, I like what I saw???

Oct 22, 2019


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  • I have been to visit my sister at uni this weekend, and things happened...
    I arrived late on Friday, and they were about to head out, so I dropped my bag and went out. They got me kinda drunk as I struggled to keep up. I got introduced to the friend's sister, and wow she is cute, such a pretty face, and a hot bod to match, kinda young looking tho. We hit it off, both out off our depth, but nothing happened. When we got home my sister said I could sleep on the sofa, but the living room had people in it so she told me to go in to her room. In there I wasn't sure what she meant so I got in the bed, in my boxers. She came in a little later and got undressed, I think she thought I was asleep, but I watched her get naked, slip on some fresh panties and a mighty and get in the bed with me.
    In the morning when I awoke, she was curled up with her back to me, myhand kept touching her bum, but she didn't seem bothered. I rolled on my side and spooned her, no objections. I was hard now, and my b**** was pressing up against her. I moved to pull her nighty up a bit, but as I did she grabbed my hand, and pulled it up to her chest and snuggled in. I was clearly grabbing her t*** and pushing my c*** against her bum but nothing from her, she didn't seem bothered.
    When we got up, again we both kinda got naked as we got dressed and got on with the day. Saturday night to follow...

  • Saturday....
    On Saturday, there was pre drinks and some silly games, i-have-never etc. Anyway the sister, Grace, got a dare to kiss me, and she did, pretty passionately, and I was hooked. The game got rigged so that I had to kiss her as well, and after that she sat on my knee while I tried not to get hard. When it came to go out Grace said she didn't want more alcohol and might stay behind, and would I want to stay behind with her. I said yes, and immediately people assumed we wanted to be alone for s** and joked about it. As soon as the door closed Grace kissed me, and my hand went straight on her cute bum, and slowly I worked my hand under her skirt. Clearly it was happening, so we went in to her sisters room, and we were awkwardly pulling each others clothes off. In just underwear she said this was only her second time, and I knodded and said mine too, I don't know if either of us was telling the truth.
    I didn't have a condom, but we found one of her sisters. I was so amazed by her naked body and just wanted to touch and kiss her, but I got a feeling she was actually pretty h****. We had what I thought was amazing s**, but it was probably awkward, bad s**, but we were both so up for it, we were happy and both came which was great. We left a bit of a wet patch we tried to clean up, kissed a load more and were still all over each other. I know very little about her, not even her age, but she is amazing . When everyone else got back to follow.....

  • When everyone else got back.
    As it got later Grace broke the news I couldn't sleep int he same bed as her because she was sharing with her sister, so I picked up my clothes and went back to the other room and fell asleep.
    I got woken up by my drunken sister who came in, took off all but her panties and got in to bed.
    Again she had her back to me, but when she realised I was awake, reached back, I think for my hand, but touched my c*** and b****. Oh, she exclaimed, but then whist cupping my c*** and b**** asked me if me and Grace had had s**, I said yes, and she said, told you it would be a good weekend. By now I was hard again, so she pulled her hand back and went to sleep.
    In the morning I woke up with an erection, and seeing my sister with her back to me, I pulled into a spoon again. Again she pulled my hand up to her chest, but I got to feel her bare t*** this time.
    When we both woke up a bit more, she turned a little and released my hand. I started feeling her body, and got down to her legs and up her inner thigh. I touched her through her panties, then went to slip my hand inside. She turned, so I couldn't put my hand in. Facing me, she started to run her fingers up the shaft of my hard c***, whilst saying, don't you think you should keep this for grace. Then running her hand up and down my shaft, she asked if I wanted her to go see if grace was free before she had to go to the station.
    I knodded, so my sister got up, through on a dressing gown, went out the room and came back with grace in her PJ's. My sister left, and grace got in to bed without questioning why I was naked and hard in my sister's bed. We had great s** again, grace on top, her pert but very small t*** bouncing as she rode me. What a fantastic weekend. Only just made the train.

    Strange mixed messages from sis, but grace was just wow.

  • Sounds like a fun weekend! But when your sister asked you if wanted grace, you should of said no because I got you here! Are you scared to have s** with your sister?

  • To be honest, if it hadn't had been for grace, and my sister had been willing I think I may have but everything aside and slipped it in

  • I think your sister is willing and you missed an amazing opportunity. I'm sure Grace is lovely but she would soon move on from you. Your sister on the other hand, is the better option because you'll have a better chance at casual s** over a longer period and trust me there's nothing hotter than sleeping with your own sister. I love having s** with my sister and so would you with yours! Don't let these opportunities pass you by. My advice is try it and you won't regret it!

  • I sent my sister a message that said 'thanks for a great weekend, and for giving me a hand in the bedroom'. I wrote it so she could interpret it as thanks for lending a hand with grace, or thanks for fondling my c*** and b**** in the morning. Anyway she replied 'no worries, any time, you know where to find me'. I think she has been more cryptic than me lol. I need to ask something else that I could pretend to have meant something else if she isn't happy, any ideas?
    Btw me and grace have been texting

  • I think you are being too careful and I think is open to a sexual relationship with you. She have touched your p**** and given you a clear indication. I would message your sister and say is there any other needs you can help me with?? Your sister had put the ball firmly in your court. Forget Grace for the moment and focus on your sister. Save Grace for another time. Your sister wants you so don't let her down.

  • I texted my sister back and said I would like to visit again if there was a bed for me, and she responded to say her bed was always available. I replied to say thanks and a bit of general chat, and then at the end I asked what I could look forward to if I visited. I got no reply and thought I had gone too far, then in the middle of the night I got a dimly lit picture of her p**** taken under the covers. Holy s***. Well I guess that answers that one then.

  • Excellent! I told you. Just go for it! Enjoy your sister and have an amazing time!!

  • I think I prefer grace, still been chatting, and she is going to meet her sister again this weekend, not sure if to go again to meet her.

  • I would choose your sister. But it's up to you.

  • Ps. Why don't you have both of them??

  • How? Do you mean together, or separate? Have a feeling sis wouldn't mind about grace, but grace would mind about sis. Lol

  • Probably separately would be more realistic. Lol

  • Ps. Go for your sister first, you shouldn't keep her waiting. Your sister should be priority.

  • I have agreed to go this weekend so let's see what happens

  • Good luck!! Enjoy your sister!

  • I may have just jerked off to an old picture of my sister in a bikini. I feel so bad now.

  • Nothing wrong with that

  • Thanks, but felt wrong

  • Why??

  • She's your sister. To her it is no big deal seeing eachother naked. There was nothing sexual about it on her part. Stop thinking about your sister that way and get yourself a girlfriend.
    I saw my sister naked many times as an adult. We had the same group of friends who liked playing s** games. We used to have s** parties where both me and my sister saw eachother naked. The only rule that everyone knew about was nothing could every be asked or dared of me and my sister as a couple. Other than that, she saw me f*** other women and I saw her f*** other guys. I never once wanted her or even thought about her.

  • Thanks for the advice, I think you may be right, maybe she is just comfortable being naked with me, like when we used to share a bath as little kids, doesn't mean anything.

  • Hi, you're just assuming that it's nothing sexual for this sister and you may be right or you may be wrong. I think if a brother and sister have always been naked in front of each other then I agree there is a good chance it isn't sexual. but as an adult to suddenly start being naked is a sign of sexual intent. All siblings have different boundaries. I was very sexual with my sister and would often have s** with her. This was never been a problem for us and we've carried on having casual s** for years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • I disagree, just because one is an adult and gets naked in front of their sibling doesn't mean it's sexual in any way. My sister and I never saw eachother naked when we lived at home. Oh I'm sure we did when we were really little, but that was before I can remember. I was an adult the first time I remember seeing my sister naked. I'm sure everyone is different though.

  • Everybody is different lol. See what happens I guess.

  • You might be right also lol

  • It sounds like your sister is very comfortable with you and that's a good thing. Every brother and sister have different boundaries and it's up to you two what those boundaries are. I am very close to my sister and we've had s** many times. We are very happy with how we are as brother and sister. Everyone has different opinions on siblings and how close they should be, but you should decide for yourself.

  • What the duck dude. That's definitely pretty ducked but I'm really not sure what to suggest. If it was me I would just never speak to her again in order to save ones dignity and a stable relationship but it depends on you. I could also imagine how one could simply go with and see where it takes you. Know this however: women are not as completely retarded as they would have us believe. They are always talking with their friends and plotting it seems. Anyway, pretty out there story really.

  • I don't think I could just never talk to her again, that might just be a bit of an over reaction. Maybe uni made her body comfortable. Maybe it was a joke at my expense, see how uncomfortable I was. Could be anything really, but certainly a big surprise.
    She has said she is going swimming again tomorrow, and I can tag along if I want. Mixed thoughts there.

  • Me again. yes, I think I may have overreacted in the beginning. given much thought since then, I just might go again with her just to see what comes of it. Im not sure there is much that can go wrong really

  • I think going with it is the best plan and like I said before she is obviously comfortable with you, so just relax. If you two get naked again don't turn around let her see you full frontal, even if you have an erection. Be completely open with her and be brave! If you're lucky this could be the start of something special. Sibling s** is hot!

  • I, or we, ar just back from the pool. Not as busy as before, but she was weirdly happy to share again. Knowing what was happening made me even more nervous but I'm not sure it showed. Once again she got fully naked, no attempt whatsoever to hide it. Expecting it this time I took the opportunity to have a good look while she wasn't looking me in the eye, and took your advice to be confident and not hide. I think the combination of the two maybe backfired, as I was basically sporting a half mast election, which went full flag pole as she noticed it.

    She smiled with a little giggle and carried on. What does that mean. Was she smiling because she liked what she saw? Or because she made that happen? Or was she just laughing at my c***? Maybe she's seen much

    She laughed again when we came to leave the cubical and my shorts were still a teepee. But that was quite funny. I said I couldn't go out to the pool like this, and she said 'do something about it then'. What was I mean to do, chop it off, rub one out??
    All she said was try not to get us thrown out.

    After we got out, back in a cubicle, the same thing happened and I got similar comments from her, followed by, 'why can't you take your clothes off without getting an erection?'. 'I can' I said, just not round a naked girl, sorry. All I got was a raised eyebrow and a smile.

    She is going back to uni on Sunday, she came home for a week as her two main lecturers cancelled lectures (half term maybe). Anyway should be the end of it, but what does it all mean. Please help me to interpret.

  • Hi, if she didn't like what she saw I think she would of reacted negatively. But I think she was positive about the situation. When she said about your erection when you take your clothes off, you should of said" how can I not get an erection with your hot body in front of me?" Time to be a little flirtatious( not Percy) and test the water. I personally think she is interested and you need to step up.

  • ( not Pervy )

  • Unfortunately she has returned to university now, but she said before she left that I should come and see her at university, it would be fun, and she would put me up. Not sure if she is offering to take me to a party, or a whole lot more???

  • I would take her up on the invitation. She clearly wants to spend time with you, after what she has seen in the cubical. Does she want you to stay in her room with her?? The signs are for a sexual relationship and I would be prepared for this scenario! Take condoms just in case. It could be a great opportunity for you and your sister to become intimate.

  • It would be staying in her room, but probably not her bed, probably the floor or a blow up. I have said yes, though no plan yet, I don't know what to think, but I would be quite happy to 'see' her again if that's on the cards. Not sure how I feel about those thoughts, gonna try not to think too much.

  • I would be surprised if she made you sleep on the floor, considering that she is comfortable enough to be naked with you. It's time to turn on the charm and take some flowers with you and be affectionate. Tell her you've missed her and give some compliments about how attractive she is and how you would want somebody just like her. It's time to seduce her because if you don't you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  • I have an invite for next weekend, not this one coming. She says she is going to take me to a party , and she wants to set me up with her housemates sister who is also visiting. Interesting development??? Curious to know who this girl is.
    I asked my sister if I needed to bring a sleeping bag, she said no, I didn't want to ask why. I have asked for a pic of the friends sister, see whats on offer lol.
    Ant suggestions??

  • It sounds to me like she is testing you. Girls do this sort of thing to see if you're interested or not, a bit like reverse phycology. I would tell her you are interested in spending time with her. Be honest with her and tell her what you've been thinking since you saw her naked.

  • I have seen a picture of the housemates sister, and she is very cute, but looks young. I have to admit to being nervous, I have not had s** yet, so worried about being bad at it. Not that I am assuming I'm going to get laid, I just think it might be a possibility.

  • Good luck!

  • It's next weekend, few more days to wait.
    Is it weird that I had a w*** looking at the picture of the friends sister, but when trying to picture her naked I ended up envisaging my sister's body? That felt twisted. Bring on Friday though.

  • Why don't you just admit that you want your sister?

  • I don't want my sister, but she has an amazing body which I have seen naked and can't get out of my head. What I don't know is if I could stay the right side of the line if the opportunity arose, or would I do something stupid hoping no one would find out. Trying to focus on friends hot sister atm

  • So you fancy your sister then? Why are you denying yourself something that could be amazing? There is no right side of the line, you should do whatever comes naturally. It is never stupid to do something that would be great for you and your sister. Meet up with your sister with an open mind and don't hold back on what you really want.

  • I'm not going to go looking for it, but not going to be shy either. Heading there this evening

  • Ps. Your sister wants you, so act on it. Good luck

  • I think your reading more into a visit at the Uni than what is there.

  • I think it's 50/50 tbh

  • No, it means she wants the d kek

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