I don't know what to do (panties)

I'm a 16 year old male and need help
Sorry if it's a bit long

My s** life started when I was 10 (about 6 years ago) I was at a party sitting on the bed of the birthday girl(4 years old) when she came in and sat down next to me (at that time I knew nothing about s**) and after 20 min of just sitting there, I decided to start playing around her room there was a little plush toy there and I grabbed it and started getting it close to her, she started spreading her legs and against the corner and when I got closer I could see her little panties(she was wearing shorts) I had to leave but I we came back a few days later and I started looking for the same plush but when I couldn't I look under her bed and I find a pair of her used panties I tossed them on her bed and she threw back at me and said that they were her sisters when she threw them the part where her p**** landed on my face after a few minutes I convince her that the panties are hers and she agrees so then I ask her if she can put them on and she says yes and at that moment (she wasn't wearing panties this time) I see her nice little 4 year old bald p**** and I decide to help her put them on afterwards I find a new clean pair of panties and the plush i ask her if she wants a clean pair of panties and she says yes she pulls down the ones she had just put on and I get the plush near her legs and she opens her legs again this time since she is not wearing panties(she is changing them) I lean in and lick her little p**** and it went like that for 20 minutes(just me feeling and licking her p**** while trying different panties) until i feel my c*** a bit wet and I help her out her clothes back on and I go to the bathroom to j*** off till I c** inside a pair of panties that are dirty and belong to her. We left her house soon after that and come back a few months later for her sisters party and she is wearing a little tutu, her friends are also there and decide to play dress up she has dresses in her closet and needed help getting them. I agree to help them if I can help the girls out them on. Since they were 4years old, they had no bras no t*** just tiny nips and adorable panties i start jerking off right there and they a am what am I doing and I just ignore them.

Now she is 10 and recently we went on a vacation with them she was changing and I walked in on her she didn't cover her p**** or t*** I got so hard that I left and started jerking off in another room till i cumed

I want to have s** with her but don't know if I should ask her and if she says yes, if I should proceed
Please I need help


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  • Obviously females are instinctually whores from birth dont ask just take what shes plattering up for you.. or someone willand be mean keep her confidence own hen ur done tell her shes getting fat... or her hair looks awful or that you wish shelooked like (instert dimepiece) trust me itll keep her eager to please and for your admiration give her physical intimacy to show shes adequate but always criticize her verbally make sure she orgassms. alot preferably so she wont say anything...

  • You should be f****** arrested for sexual assault and rape against a minor. In jail you can be the little b**** and have all the rapey s** you can handle, in your sore ass, as punishment.

  • Rape was not mentioned anywhere it is your perverted mind, the story say's she took her own panties off, he licked her p**** but she didn't say no or stop she let him for 20 mins which say's she enjoyed it, no force was used and he didn't abuse her he used her panties to c** in, if they enjoy being touched or licked NO FORCE NO RAPE I see no problem

  • A 10 yr old p**** should be a joy to suck on. If she reaches o******, she might squirt some pees - take it all this sweet juices in your mouth to drink. Simply warm and sweet to taste! Finger her p**** using lubes till you can insert two of your fingers before f****** her. She will love it....

  • Oh yes love drinking the pee straight from the little p****

  • 4 yr old p**** tastes so good and you should have had your c*** rubbing it then but 10 is good for f****** too

  • My boy cousins have been touchy feely with me since I was little and wearing frilly panties. I think that they were in love with my panties more than me but they did play with me a lot.

  • Make sure to keep it secret. and keep them happy like a good girl and their friends you have 3 places they can have fun dont be selfish spread the fun

  • A good girl is young with a c*** in all 3 holes

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