S** with beggar(male)

I was watching p*** and i was full h****. then i called my friends to check they r free or not and none replied. i cant stop my h**** thing. So, i went out and found a beggar how was following me few day and asked his why was he interested about me. he said he like my smile and he finally admitted that he love my b**** and want to see them. he want me to Dress well with makeup because its was his once in a life chance and it has to be great. so, i did accordingly.i Dressed like a girl who is about to marry. we went to his slum(very dirty place). He pushed me to the matrix and we kissed, my lipstick was allover his mouth and d*ck. we had s** like 3 hours and i slept for 2 hrs and i could n't speak because his d*ck was in my mouth and he finally did golden shower on me. after 1 month i was pregnant ! and i said this to him that he was going to be a father of my child and he was happy but happiness didn't last long. Abortion. but we still have s** daily in the morning at 4:00 AM. i love it. it's the real story not a fictional or made up story. i'm 25, he is 37.


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  • Me and my friend once invited a tramp girl in her 20s living underneath the railway bridge in cardboard shed to my home. Fed her good and asked her to have a shower. She was only too glad to do it. While she was in the bath we sneaked in and helped her bathing by soaping and massaging her whole body, paying spacial attention to her b**** and ass cheeks, fingering her p**** and massaging her bushy lips. She was enjoying our acts and cooperated with us by stroking our c****. Dried her body, gave her one of my shirts to put on and offered her some drinks to relax. Without any panties on, the shirt was quite revealing for her ample b****. Soon we all moved to bed and f***** her almost the whole night. WOW! It was an excellent p**** I had after a long time - warm, moist, juicy and quite firm. I f***** her thrice and my friend twice. Now I alone invite her to f*** or she meets me when she wishes for s**.

  • Why do u want a begger to f*** you. naughty.reachme@gmail.com

  • Bring him home to give secured shelter with you. And f*** him whenever you both want!

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