When I was 40 and my wife, Sandy, (35), and I were pretty heavily into Swinging and Swapping. Sandy would do any man.
My younger sister, also 35ish, was quite liberal too and had a new boyfriend, Ron, who was shy, but curious.
Sis wanted to Initiate her boyfriend and asked if my wife and I would swap with them. Sandy had no objection, but I had no interest in porking my sister. Sis assured me, WE would just fake it while her boyfriend used my wife. So we arranged a visit and started by playing Strip Poker.
Short version; we lost all our clothes and "bet" swapping partners. Sandy took Sis's date to another room and was soon romping and moaning with him. Sis and I sat on the couch under a blanket and listened for them to finish. I couldn't help from getting a raging b**** and Sis was fingering herself.
Sandy and Ron were taking forever. Sis noticed my B**** and said, "This Sibling Taboo is silly. Let's just do it." And she straddled me and lowered herself over my stiffy. We satisfied our needs that night, but never swapped nor spoke of it again.

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  • My mom used to catch me masturbating all the time using vasoline one thing if I was just stroking but to have vasoline all over was embarrassing. She always sleeps naked so one time I crawled into bed bed and before she knew it I had my mouth on her v***** sucking it to the point she was protesting but was allowing me to suck on it

  • Parents always protest a little just in case. Just reassure her and say its consensual.

  • Its really exciting thing l still....get goosebumps even after 25yeras when l remembers me and my own sister....but she disgust it😥😥😥

  • Did your sister not enjoy it?

  • There are plenty of brothers and sisters who have s**, including me and my sister. I see no problem with this at all. In fact, in some countries it's legal! It's ridiculous for people to think this doesn't happen and that it's not right.

  • I think she did enjoy it because most of the night when l was on bed and in the mood l call her name loud and asking for back massage and she comes without saying no....and in the darkness as she massage my back l manged to strock her thighs and reach my hand in her private part untill she get wet and then only make her lay beside me....if she didnt enjoy she would have say no?

  • See above

  • I love having s** with my sister. No regrets!

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