Age 65 I have this year started to meet men to suck their c****.I love it and cannot stop. My wife does not know. I love to hold their b**** too while licking and sucking. I love to feel the cocjhead getting bigger in my mouth as they are about to c**.
I have thought about s** with men since I was 20 when I was aroused by seeing a man jacking his big c*** through peephole in a toilet. I have wanted c*** ever since but only now have had the courage and through the Internet, the means, to meet men in a discreet and safe way.

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  • I'm 63 married male. I've been sucking c**** for 8 years, cant get enough c**.

  • I love women but I love to suck senior men in need of a b******

  • I am 55. I am straight but just sucked my first c***. It was amazing!!!

  • I have had many more women than men in my many years, and I've sucked my share of c***. If you like feeling a man's c*** grow in your mouth try one up the ass, it's awesome. And one in each end is very therapeutic.

  • I was in a similar situation and I've been very active in giving and receiving. I've been with about 20 guys from 18 to 50ish and they've all been super. Men know what men want and how to do it best.
    I still love women but it just depends on how I feel on the day.

  • By any chance, do you live in a country starting with 'A'?

  • School lessons?

  • I’m 62 u could suck me. Leave me a email

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