Little panties

I did not know anything about s** until I was 10

It started out at a friend's 4yr old sister party. She was wearing shorts and it was about 10 o'clock at night. I was on her bed just chilling and she comes in to watch tv after about 20 min i get bored so I get a plush that's on a shelf and start bring it closer to her. As I do that she starts spreading her legs and she exposes her little panties. Afterwards I look under her bed and and find a pair of her dirty panties (her room was a bit messy) I toss them to her and then she denies that there hers so she throws them back at me and the p**** part lands on my mouth. After a bit of talking i convince her to put the used panties on and she says yes. She was wearing no panties so I offered to help her put them on. After about 10 minutes of her just lying down in dirty panties i get a few pairs from her dresser and she models them and I put the dirty ones in my pocket. While she is modeling them I am able to lick and touch her p****. When I'm done with that she puts her clothes back on and I go to the bathroom to j*** off and I c** on another pair of her older sister's (7yr old) panties. 4 months later it's her older sister's birthday so we visit their house and everything goes almost the same exactly except that this time I lye under her blankets and she gets under with me but she doesn't no that my pants are pulled down so I tell her to pull down her panties and within a few seconds my d*** is touching her p****.

It's been 14 years and recently we went stay at their house (they moved half way across the country) and I entered a room without knocking and she was naked because she had just finished showering and she didn't cover her p**** or t***(I am 24 and she is 18) I imeatialy left and jerked off in the bathroom.

I don't know if she remembers everything we did as kids
I dont know if i should ask her if she wants to have s** and if she says yes if I should proceed???

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