Want to f*** father-in-law

I got married a few months ago, I'm 22. Everything is going great but I can tell my father in law is attracted to me. He always wants to talk to me, make me laugh, getting me drinks, looking at me. One time I wore tight leggings and a red tight-ish top and he freaked out when he saw me, he didn't know where to look. But on top of that, we have really interesting conversations and we genuinely find each other funny. I think my mother-in-law has suspected some things and has sometimes called him away from talking to me but, well, we're not really doing anything wrong.
I can tell he wants me. If we're alone for even a second he will drag his eyes over my body and finally look me right in the eyes. F***, it turns me on. Any little moment, we often find a way to talk about s**/taboo topics and act like it's a group discussion when really we can't stop looking at each other. There is something about him that is so attractive. Maybe it's that it's forbidden and nothing can really happen.
But last night I had a dream that he and I had s**, and it was so incredible. We have a family holiday coming up (it's summer here)... will wearing bikinis and flaunting myself in front of him be enough? I have a feeling that as we all get drunk and things get late, well, I don't know. Just the fantasy is enough to keep me going. But I would love to wrap my lips around his c***, look up into his eyes as he pulls my hair, and finally have him f*** me hard like he owns me.

Oct 25, 2019

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  • I can feel the sexual tension. My father flirted with my wife many years ago. It was harmless fun but I found it quite exciting to know that he found her her exciting and h****.

  • I had this problem so one night I just came out and asked him if he found me sexy. He said yes and I asked if he was serious and wanted to have me. He said yes well he had me that night.

  • Do it, if you haven't already. Suck him hard then handover and let him f*** you while you call him daddy

  • That's great.Message me at naughty.reachme@gmail.com..I do definitely help

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