I'm a h**** weeb...

I am a girl in my early 20s and I am really into animes so I would love to be f***** by someone that is cosplaying my favorite character(s). I, myself, would love to put on cat ears and be called kitten/kitty while he cosplays an anime character that turns me on. He doesn't have to wear the costume throughout the whole act but it should start out with a full cosplay so I can get the feeling its the character that is going to f*** me mercilessly. I want to be tied up, f***** rough in different positions, choked, face f*****, spanked, being called a bad kitten and get teased so I have to cry and beg for that c*** to penetrate my wet p****. I'd probably cry out the name of that character instead to keep my fantasy going. Of course, I'd also have normal s** but I'd rather have that be gentle and passionate.
This fantasy/kink isn't as extreme as other posts here but I am so turned on by 2D characters I just really want them to f*** me.

Oct 30, 2019

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  • You sound sexy..love to see a pic of you babe..and maybe f*** you all nite..xAdamx

  • I usually cosplay has Naruto characters ...what animes do you like?

  • Who do you cosplay in naruto? i like a lot of animes including naruto

  • I've done Sasuke, Killer Bee, Sasori, and Madara. Do you cosplay little kitty? It would be fun to watch some hentai together and make you a weeb slave.

  • G******* sound like my dream girl~

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