My neice

My 9 year old niece keeps vsaying bshevwants s** and last week when i babysat her she came out of her room only with her underware on sat next to me she is sexy and developed for her age she started taking my hands and put them on her already develpe t*** i pulled away first time but didnt second time i felt up her t*** then couldnt help my self asnd put my hands on that young p**** through her underware she then asked me to finger her p**** she then starting giving me a b****** i was so yurn on couldnt stop i mounted her and f***** her she said it was great for her it was great for me with that tight virgin p**** i came on her belly we did it 2 days later but this time i couldnt stop and shot a big load of c** in her p**** hope she gets pregnant whant her to have our baby



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  • I did stretched my 9 yo niece's p**** using Vaseline while babysitting her and in a couple of months I could insert my two fingers into her. She enjoyed it and f***** her tight p**** to her delight for months. I used condoms but she did not reach climax ...

  • Can a 5yr old have a squirting o*****

  • With my fingers in her p**** yes

  • Good man stretch that little p**** but not too much they are nice and tight when they are young my first time with mine she was8

  • While babysitting my 7 year old granddaughter I asked if she would like a special bath because I loved her very much she was aready in the tub with lots of bubbles..I said her mom really loved it when she was seven...I gently washed her saying how pretty she is while I gently and slowly moved my hand up her leg getting closer and closer to her sweet spot I knew she liked it because as I went closer she opened her legs and moaned and breathed a little faster then I told her to close her eyes tight while I washed her hair then I told her to lean over while I rinsed her hair while I poured a toy bucket full of water over her head she didn't notice me get in with her and sit behind her I whispered to her that gramps is going to make sure that every inch of her pretty body would be clean and sexy I told her to keep her eyes closed and lean back so I could wash her belly button and turn her head I then gently kissed her neck while I slowly moved my two hands higher up her legs and spreading them wider saying how strong legs she had as I massaged them higher and higher I gently kissed her lips then I moved one hand to her belly and slowly massaged her leg as the otherhand slowly moved higher she moaned and arched her back so I gently pushed my tongue deep into her mouth moaning at the same time I gently squeezed her nipple and squeezed her hard c*** she went kinda crazy moaning and lifting her ass high in the air as she had multable o****** clamping her legs tighty together trapping my hand and when she sat down it was right on my p**** pushing against her pulsing c*** she got a surprise and opened her eyes I gave her a little kiss on the lips and smiled and said that I loved her very much and promised her that nobody would ever hurt her while I was around then I asked her if she liked it? she smiled and nodded her head then she shocked the heck out of me she said she never had a multible o***** before and kissed me and said I want you to f*** me hard in every hole

  • Which lips did you kiss?

  • Her pussylips, kissed her 6mth old sisters too

  • I woke u p the next morning and seen her with her head on my belly and she had her little hand holding my erection rubbing it around and around her lips then she got between my legs and licked the head while she stared into my eyes as she pushed her little figure just inside my ass then she put the head in flicking her tongue all around she never took her eyes off of mine then she sucked me hard as she took it all into her mouth at the same time f****** my ass faster an harder with her figure then suddenly she stopped and took her mouth off and her little hands each had one ball squeezing it gently she smiled and whispered for me to come in her mouth I just moaned as she chewed gently staring into my eyes and she never let go of my b**** and she went faster moaning uh huh only it was mmmm hmmmm it wasn't long before I held her head as I f***** her mouth while she held my b**** from going inside me I had the hugest and longest come while we both looked into each others eyes...….

  • Did you ever f*** her p**** or ass?? I was 40 when I f***** a 16 year old girl that lived down the hall and her p**** was tight as my wifes virgin a****** it felt like a gorilla was jerking me off

  • I f***** a 16 yr old when I was 25 at a wedding I loved it it she f***** me like a animal I wanted to take her home for the night and f*** her all night wow.

  • Youngest for me was 8, it took a bit to get in her but it was well worth it her p**** was amazing, love to get another one

  • I can’t believe you f***** a 8 year old omg. That’s bad. Didn’t she ask what u was doing. ?

  • No she was use to me doing stuff as she was my step sister and I was 8 when she was born so I did stuff from the time she was a baby

  • Too young

  • No such thing

  • You f***** a 9 year old

  • I would f*** all 3 holes given the chance

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