Wife nude in front of brother in law

First off I should tell you my wife is gorgeous. She has a sleek body with a beautiful full ass. Her measurements are 34-26-36. I love her body.

We were visiting my wife's sister and her husband. They live in Arizona and have a nice house with a absolutely beautiful pool. My wife and her sister left to do some shopping and then take the kids to a birthday party. My brother in law Mike and I stayed home and started drinking beer and got in the pool.

My wife and sister in law Cindy returned and quickly made a blender full of margaritas. They joined us in the pool and within minutes both of them were topless.

Cindy had bigger breast then my wife but in my humble opinion my wife had a better figure and outstanding breast with perfect hard nipples.

The women stayed topless for about two hours but unfortunately it was time to pick up the children. By now my wife was feeling no pain and decided to stay with Mike and me.

Cindy said she would be home in about forty minutes and left with a reminder for my wife to put her top back before they returned.

As soon as Cindy left my wife swam over to put on her top. I quickly asked Mike if he would mind if she remained topless. He commented she could be as naked as she wanted. This gave me an idea.

I challenged my wife to swim over and back naked. Mike immediately got out of the pool and pulled up a lounge chair. I believe he was getting a better vantage point to watch. My wife agreed and took off the rest of her suit handing the bottom half to me. She slowly swam back and forth doing the back stroke giving us the perfect view of her t*** and p****.

She swam over to me and stood up to put her suit back on. Her back was to Mike showing off her ass. I asked him what he thought and he responded "nice ass"

I whispered she was driving me crazy. She told me she was enjoying the attention and liked us looking at her. I asked her to turn it up! She got out of the pool and slowly walked to the diving board.

She got to the edge of the board and asked "any requests?" I asked her to do a shake and shimmy. She shook her breast vigorously for several seconds and then turned and asked "anything else? I asked her to climb on the air mattress face down. She was having too much fun to say no.

After helping her on the mattress I moved her closer to where Mike was sitting pointing her bottom towards him. He was only a few feet away from my wife's naked ass.

I asked her to spread her legs and she did exposing her a****** and lips to him. After sharing for 20-30 seconds she then asks me to do a dare. She said "eat me"

I said yes of course expecting her to turn over. No such thing. She takes her hands and spreads her cheeks even further apart. I move in and stick my tongue in as deep as I can. I am licking my wife's a****** in front of my brother in law.

To my delight, my wife's response is to start touching herself while I lick her. I move in time so we can watch her m********* to completion. This was the most erotic thing I have ever seen.

Once she has finished she rolls off the mattress and puts on her suit while Mike and I remain speechless. Later that night she confessed she felt like the sexiest woman on the planet. I confessed that I felt like the luckiest man alive.

Nov 3, 2019

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  • Sounds like a perfect opportunity to plan a swap!

  • My wife loves showing off! It's hot!

  • That was amazing! Did anything else ever happen?

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