F****** my sister 100 percent real

I know this is going to sound crazy but I f***** my sister. It started when I was about 10 years old. She is older then me by four years. It started when we were home alone and one day while we were watching tv she brought her t*** out of her shirt. I remember looking and seeing it and thinking maybe she didn’t know. I remember saying hey your b*** is out or something like that. She looked at me and was like so and said I’m gonna go up to your room and take a nap. I have to admit at that point my c*** was rock hard and even though I didn’t know much about s** I knew to follow my sister instinctively. I went up and found her on my bed with no shirt on with her eyes closed. I remember shaking and climbing on to the bed not really sure of what was going to happen next. I was laying in my back next to my sister looking at her t***. When she moves over and kind of on top of me. She started humping into my hard c***. It felt sooo good. My sister t*** were on my chest and were humping each other and breathing so heavy. We were moving in sync it was really hot. We stopped and she asked if I had ever seen a p**** before. I hadn’t and said so she took off her shorts and showed me her p****. She took my hand and guided me to her wet p**** and stuck my fingers in. I was fingering my sister and playing with her t*** when she told me to to kiss her p**** and stuck my tongue in at this point I was down to do anything. The excitement of it all the idea that I knew we were doing something we weren’t supposed to was so intoxicating. After that she told me to take off my pant and I did. My c*** was rock hard and throbbing. My sister was on my bed and I was naked infront of her. She pulled me closer back then my sister wasn’t into sucking c*** but I didn’t know what I was missing out on so it didn’t bother me. She told me to lay on my back which I did very willingly. I remember thinking my sister was so hot I remember falling in love with her t*** and always wanting to hold them and feel them. So anyways I was laying on my back and she climbed on top of me grabbed hold of my c*** and slide it inside her. I was inside my sister the feeling was amazing she was so wet and warm her t*** where hanging in my face and she starts riding my c*** moving her hips back and forth. So we’re going at it really hard and she’s ridding me and we’re both in perfect sync. She whispering in my ear my brother c*** feels amazing inside me. Do you like your sister p****. It wasn’t long till she started getting faster and harder and and we were getting close. I knew what it was to c** because I started playing with my c*** already. And before we knew it we were both c******. She would often sneak into my bed through out the night and went on for a while until I was 16. Then we decided to stop. I always thought of all the times me and my sister f***** and always jerked off about it. Until recently now I’m in my 30s and we started f****** again. That is a tale for another time. This story is the first time I have f***** my sister and have told anyone about my and my sister. It is 100 percent true.

Nov 3, 2019

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  • This is weird 0-0

  • While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big b**** and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having s** with her. One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly falling away from the edge of the bed due the wind of the fan. Being too h**** I slowly tip toed near and slowly lifted the half skirt aside over her back. To my surprise she was not wearing panties and the white buttocks protruding and as her legs were slightly upwards, her v***** lips and l**** were clearly visible as there were only less pubic hair at the downside. But I had no courage to touch her as she was 18 years of age and myself 20 years of age at that time. Just googled enough and went to my room and jerked off with a lot of c**.

  • I would love to S*** my sister

  • How long you did it with your sis? Are you still f*** her?

  • Wow lucky guy I wish I could f*** my sister

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