Panty sniff and w***.

Years ago new Years nights i was at one of my female friends sisters house to see in the bells. The night was great i haddent seen them all for ages. Anyway it was a wee bit of a walk back home and my friend asked if i would like to go back to theirs for some more drinking and catching up. Friend and i have kissed and had a bit of a fell down below and her house mate and i have also done the same and she offerd me s** but at that time she had been drinking i thought better of and we left it at that and never talked about it. So when we got back to their house the friend that oferd me s** said you can sleep in my room and the two girls would share i said i was ok to sleep in living room. This was the first time this had happened and i was a bit shocked.The night went on till abought 4maybe5 so i get into her bed and the drink slowly starts to were off and i start feeling h**** so i start looking for her pantys and i cannot find any so i open sliding door and i find three per hanging up and get a per to sniff and the outher to c** on. I always had a panty fetish but i never said anything to my friends.I always wanted to be truthfall with them.I had lots of opertunitys to sniff and take or borrow and poot back. So as the drink wore of i started feeling bad so i hung them back up. I Didn't c** on them and i thought if she finds them move then she would know about my thing for underwear and i Wouldn't have to say anything. It backed fire and the friend who's house it was called saying her friend was in tier's thing is she might not have told the other girl about her offering me s** and turning her down. It's not like she was all over the place blind drunk. It's been year now and i have never seen them. Anyway could you women reading this thet me no what you think.

Nov 4, 2019

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