Touching p**** lips of own sister

One night I during midnight walked up my sister's bed and sat on the floor and slowly removed her blanket just upto her side as she was sleeping sidewise and buttocks at the edge of the bed. I carefully lifted her half skirt in the dark, but the street lights coming through the window showed her bulging bottom. I could see her outline of p**** as her knees were folded upwards. I slightly touch her p**** lips from the a*** side. She just purred as if being feeling good in sleep. I tried slowly to put my finger in her split but sensing she is waking up I just ran out of the room and was on my bed within seconds and shut my eyes tight and acted as if in deep sleep. After a while I felt some movement near my bed and I could see my sister doubtful and checking me whether I was asleep. I sightly started to make snoring noise keeping my heart beat as low as possible and aroused d*** out of sight. Confused she left my room looking back again and again. It was a just escape.

Nov 4, 2019

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  • Learn how to spell

  • Should this have been posted under fantasy

  • Tie her hands first and most imp thing to do and reveal her your darkest side to her and enjoy ur each moment like the last one

  • Perverts. Why not get a girlfriend outside the family?

  • Touching someone in their sleep is perverted but there is nothing wrong with consensual s** within the family.

  • Hi u female? If yes would you deliver your p**** cream on my face and lips..pls

  • It's safer inside the privacy of family. Try!

  • My 18 year old sister knew I was attracted to her and wanted s**, but she wouldn't do it.

    I also discovered knew she and father were f******. After he f***** her she fell asleep, I went in her room and slowly pulled the covers back. Sis was on her side and I could see his c** dripping out of her. I got hard at once.

    I couldn't stop myself, I climbed on the bed and just entered her, and started f****** her.

    She woke up, but before she could say a word I slapped her face and covered her mouth. She started crying and struggled but I slapped her harder. She then used layed there as I f***** her.

    Finally I came in her. She was crying softly. I looked at her and said, "You won't f*** me but will f*** Dad. Now you have my c** and Dad's c** you. And you can't say anything."

    She was trapped. It 30 years now, and I force f*** her every night after Dad does. He has no idea. And she can't tell.

    Also sis has gotten pregnant and had 4 kids, it either Dad's or mine. I don't care.

    I only care about having my sister and c****** in her w**** mouth and p****. Incest is the best.

  • My sis (19) always sleeps in her thong. Once I (17) ventured into her room, saw her sleeping on her back and legs slightly apart showing one p**** lips out of the crotch of her thong, some hairs out. I slowly touched the lip, ran my fingers along its fluffiness. She moved a bit opening her thighs apart. I was startled a bit and stopped but seeing her still in sleep, got bolder and tugged the crotch down to feel both the lips. Ran my fingers along the slit - it was moist, I was about to insert a finger in when she moved and closed her thighs, I had to run out of her room. Next morning she was looking at me strange!!

  • So hot!!! I love your story. Anything ever come of it? Do u j*******, thinking about it?

  • Anything sexual between siblings must be consensual. Try being affectionate with your sister and see if it leads to a sexual relationship.

  • ...says the beacon of all accurate knowledge

  • No, says the man with experience.

  • Better tips: mix couple of sleeping pills (2 will do) in her drinks an hour before she goes to bed. You will have many hours of her p**** at your disposal!! Accurate knowledge based on my experience. After she knows what has happened, she will crawl into your bed from then on ...

  • Not a good idea

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