Big T***

I love big t***! There is nothing that gets me harder than a fat pair of t*** wrapped around my c***. Makes me shoot absolute rockets. Who here loves big t***?

Nov 5, 2019

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  • I do love big t*** too. If you have any photos to share;

  • I wish that I could spend every second of my life masturbating to teen p*** and stroking to their perfect young t***.

  • Sniffing hard from a just opened bottle of poppers on a bus whilst shamelessly and openly staring at schoolgirl t*** whilst she's in her school uniform and she's looking at you not knowing what you're doing and your c*** is nearly c****** in your pants because you are so f****** high and so f****** h**** and her f****** T*** are everything to you and she's 12 and the next f****** long sniff of poppers you have you know your c*** is coming out and the innocent little c*** is going to take all of your s**** on her abused little w*** body

  • T*** hanging out on my housemate when she walks from the bathroom. then me wanking in my room furiously. she knows. t*** on my brain always. t*** every woman's t***. nipples and t***. stroking to t*** all day just looking at t*** t*** in my face t*** on my brain I love t*** I need t*** every second of my life just t*** nothing but t*** naked t*** sucking and fondling t** big got little t** forbidden t** just to live in a world where every woman walked everywhere with her t*** open and out and the schoolgirl t** was always there to see..t*** and t** t** t** t** t*** t** is everything

  • Nice
    i do

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