Insanely good s** with +size girl from Tinder

So the other day I matched this girl, in her mid 20s and an exchange student in Medicine. Bit on the plus size but not a BBW, we chatted for an hour or so and she invited me over for some wine. Grabbed a cab and made my way over there, talked for a bit and we started making out, eventually getting down to business. F***** for 40 minutes or so and it was great, I already knew she liked it rough so I put fingers in her mouth, choked her a bit and talked dirty to her, but nothing SUPER out of the ordinary... We take a break and decide to go for round two, and she tells me she wants it rough now... bit surprised at first but I'm like alright, I can go the extra mile just let me know what you're cool with and what you want - she said pretty much anything...

I ended up f****** her silly for the next 3 hours - slapping, choking, spitting on her face and in her mouth, calling her names, bottoming out, put a finger up her ass and later she gave me a plug as well.... But the best and most surprising part is at some point I asked her if she ever got mouth f***** - she said no, but was willing to try. Ended up loving it so much that we literally did 2-3 sessions of at least 20 minutes each where I was throat f****** her brains out and from time to time switching it up so she can take care of my b****. Kept asking if she's OK, she wanted it even rougher, so I pressed on - after getting her all messy from spit I eventually pushed too far because she puked a little bit and got ashamed, but I convinced her it's not a big deal... Both loved the experience and would do it again, but I'm feeling a bit guilty now - s** was great, and she says she wants me to f*** her ass too if I can fit - is it bad if all I wanna do is f*** that throat of hers all night?

Nov 6, 2019

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  • In the summer of 2017 I hook up, my sister Kelly fat. She wa 5 foot 2 inches tall and weighed about 200 lb. Natural red hair, nice b**** and a pretty face.

    We had not seen each other in months since she moved to LA. She was wearing a short dress, and heels. And her legs were thick but looked amazing. I couldn't stop looking at her legs as she sat at the bar. The bar was packed with hotties but I was only interested in Kelly.

    Finally, after an hour she said would you like to touch my legs? I said yes very much. As kid and teens we had seen each other naked many times, but now seeing as a grown 23 year old woman I was so turned on. Soon I was stand really close my hand on her thigh, she parted her legs a bit and whispered touch me. Which I did then we started kissing.

    Her place was 5 minutes away, when we got there we never made the bedroom, we f***** in the living room.

    Kelly osfat, but I wanted her so much.
    We f*** 3 times that night all bareback and c****** in her.In the morning we showered together, I was hard again, and whispered I want your ass. All she said was F*** me.

    I know it hurt her, my c*** is very thick and 7 inches. We a*** f*** 30 minutes and I came in her.

    It's over 2 years now, i move to LA to be with her. We f*** and oral constantly. Kelly now is 225 pounds and even more sexy.

    I love my sister and treat her like my wife. I want her all the time. I gave her a huge engagement ring and we wear wedding band.

    Her p**** and ass, seem as if they were made for my c***. And her mouth is like a vacuum.

    Knowing I'm f****** my sister made it even better!

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