My favorite experience, in panties

I enjoy wearing girls/women's panties and have since I was 14 or so.

I also really enjoy tucking my p**** down into the crotch and using a vibe to c** into them. Feeling the squirt between my legs and near my b**** is exciting to say the least.

Recently I wore a pair to a park cruising place. It was evening time and a car soon puled up next to me. I have sucked off many here and even been bred by a few. But this time was different.

I put a high vibration, battery powered vibrator on the bottom of my c***, secured with a thick rubber band. When I turned it on it felt sooo good! So anyway, he appraches and shows he wants attention to his c***. I slip out of the car in panties and t-shirt, drop to me knees and start to suck him. He was soft, but soon hardens into a nice sized and thick c*** of about 6-61/2". I also told him of the vibe on "my clitty c***" and he seemed excited by that as well. As I sucked the vibe on my c*** made me an expert I guess because all of a sudden he did. SPURT that is! He came a LOT and I swallowed it down and as I did I began to c** too! It felt so good shooting into my panty bulge!

He left but was soon followed over the next three hours by 5 more guys. I came twice more doing that, BUT the last guy decided he want to f*** me so I turned and showed him my open back panties. I lubed my boi-p**** and he worked himself into me. He was larger than I have taken before, about 9 inches long and BIG around. It hurt a bit but soon felt very good! As he pumped I turned on my vibe telling him I wanted to see if I coudl c** again as I got f*****. He pumped faster and said I am going to fill you with my hot c** baby! That was all it took! Feeling his c***, crammed deep as it could go into me, jerking and throbbing inside me and I began to shoot into my already cream filled panties.

It was a GREAT night and I hope for more like it soon!

Nov 8, 2019

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  • I love wearing my tiny white panties bra,my older neighbour loves me to sit on his face then he f**** me always c*** over my t***.

  • I would have loved u sitting on my face long before you had b****, licking that lovely young sweet hairless p ussy

  • Oooohhh! Ricky, you are naughty, but you love it!! My elderly neighbour Jack is like a bull, I know he takes V***** before coming to see me, but I love it, the size of his manhood, throbbing, pulsating with excitement. And me, totally submissive in my stockings and silk lingerie and he loves me wear my lovely vintage nylon floaty negligee while he is doing me, he says it reminds him of the 50's.
    He can't get enough of me, I often find him waiting by the door of my flat when I get home from work. He likes to lie naked on my bed and watch me as I change into my undies from my man clothes and I love teasing him by laying my silky slip over his manhood and watching it j*** with the sensation while I let it slip down over my own aroused manhood.
    I adore the feeling of his fingers applying the gel to my behind preparing me for his thrusts and oh! my, can he last, he seems to go for ever and I love it.

  • It's wonderful wearing ladies outfits and being f***** by a man.
    I am a mature gay tranny and although I say it myself rather good looking, I guess because I've had many years perfecting the female appearance.
    I can understand the pleasure you get from wearing nylon panties, I feel the same urges when I pull them up over my stockings and suspenders.
    I go out regularly "dressed" and it excites me when I flash my long legs and I see a man watching, especially if he has a wife or partner with him.
    I have regular boyfriends who live locally to me in the UK, all mature over 60's, but love me "dressed" to make love to.
    I have my own place to entertain them, very private, which is important. One of them, James, stays overnight sometimes when his wife goes to stay with her sister, then I wear a choice, pink, white or pale blue frothy nylon vintage negligees and matching French knickers, you can imagine the rest of my experience, very sexy and fulfilling!!
    I just love making their penises grow stiff with desire, kissing, caressing, sucking until they can no longer resist f****** me. My favourite position is on my back with my legs clasped tightly around my lovers waist with a pillow under my bottom while he f**** me, I think its because I love being kissed as he c*** and I can keep him inside me longer. I have also developed b****** over the years with medication and exercise and I love those little beauties being suckled while I'm being humped.
    A warning though!! I have never "cruised" its much to risky particularly from infection, you need to be so careful, you need to know your lover!!!!

  • James stayed over last night, he had told his wife that he was at a friend's and that his pal would back him up if she were to check!
    Anyway, I rushed home from work early, took ages preparing my face after a shower, fitted my white satin suspenders and puled my stockings into place. I stood in front of the mirror and watched as my p**** stiffened as I gently massaged some body crème on my b******. The two beauties were really excited and pointy.
    I chose a white satin and lace balcony bra and a pair of white silk French knickers and put them on. I was so aroused as I minced over to my femme wardrobe and took some time choosing my lacy white nylon nightie and then my frothy pink lacy nylon negligee! Pink and white, a beautiful combination.
    I stood in front of the full length mirrors as the nightie slid over my body and fell just down to my knees. Then I put the pink negligee on which wonderfully matched the nightie in length and I was once again a naughty saucy girl with a big erection waiting for my lover to arrive.
    Post a reply if you want to here more!!

  • Love to here more

  • Well darling MPS, Jack spent Sunday afternoon with me, he is a sweetie and so h****. I was expecting him so I dressed in my suspenders and stockings and pulled on a lovely pair of light pink silk French knickers all floaty and white lace and a matching pink satin bra for my 38B b******. I chose a very full and floaty light pink nylon baby-doll nighty together with a matching gorgeous full vintage negligee. I waited in anticipation for Jack's knock.
    He was wearing a track suit and joggers which he stripped out of no sooner than I closed the door. He Stood there naked with his enormous erection looking like an upturned banana it was so aroused. We kissed and cuddled feeling each other, caressing, twisting in our embrace trying to feel more of each other.
    I took his hand a we went to my bedroom, Jack laid beside me pushing his hand up inside my nightie and into my knickers, gently holding my erection, he rolled me towards him, lifted my leg and I felt his erection slide beneath my knickers. He pulled me close, I could feel his throbbing erection, his hairiness against me and I very nearly e*********.
    We rolled around, tickling, caressing, kissing for nearly an hour when Jack reached for the tube of gel. I felt his fingers gently pushing gel into me, I had my hand around his erection and it was throbbing, oh! it was really so aroused.
    I shouted for him to take me, my knickers were already wet with gel, he rolled me onto my side, I could feel his nakedness behind me, he got between my legs and as I lifted one leg he thrust into me, I squealed and squealed and Jack loved it, he was in me right to his testicles, I thought he was going to reach my heart.
    We spent the rest of the afternoon in various positions, I love him he is so randy and yet so considerate.
    Signed Jasmine

  • Love to hear more. Love to see too. i am a mature guy who takes v***** and watch cross dressing boi p****!

  • Im a boy do you want to see my panties

  • Are you willing to suck c***

  • I like to dress up when I do I fantasize being a woman I like to ride my wife's d**** at the same time tasting licking my precum


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