Started with sister when I was 12. Mom caught us many times and said it was ok as she did the same with her brothers. Sister was 2 years older and went to college at 19. Began s** with Mom until I finished college and sister got married. Divorced 2.5 years later. Sister moved in with me after Mom died. Moved together to southwest and I changed my name but not legal. Been together as married for 14 years. 1 daughter and 2 sons. All good and healthy.

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  • How sick. If this is a fantasy its sick. If this really happened it's even sicker. What's with all the stupid incest posts we've been seeing lately? I hope everybody involved does time in prison.

  • Why is incest sick? I think as long as incest happens between adults it's ok. The reason you see so many incest posts is because alot of people are into it. I've experienced incest and I see it as a positive experience in my life. Not all incest is bad.

  • Sis and I did the same type thing. But mom was bisexual and made love to both of us. Have 4 kid with Sis all normal. Mom wishes I had gotten her pregnant also. I know she wants s** with our oldest daughter now 18. We said see what happens.

  • Glad you're happy

  • Good for you for finding someone you love! Have wonderful day.

  • Totally normal as far as I'm concerned

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