Started with sister when I was 12. Mom caught us many times and said it was ok as she did the same with her brothers. Sister was 2 years older and went to college at 19. Began s** with Mom until I finished college and sister got married. Divorced 2.5 years later. Sister moved in with me after Mom died. Moved together to southwest and I changed my name but not legal. Been together as married for 14 years. 1 daughter and 2 sons. All good and healthy.


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  • Mom/son and sister/brother incest occurs more than most people believe. Even by people involved in incestuous relationships.

    It takes a lot of digging on the dark web but I read several s** studies over the years that state 60% of siblings have sexual relations and experimented with incest.

    And 43% of mothers surveyed have been with a son or daughter regularly. The most amazing stat I read was that around 25% of divorced woman who have a teenager son will become pregnant by the son within a year of the divorce and 45% with in two years. Also if the marriage is in trouble before a divorce and a pregnancy happen it is most likely the teen sons child.

    I believe these stats are true. My parents marriage was falling apart when I was 16, mom and I became involved sexually and she got pregnant. Dad through it was his but the marriage collapsed and they divorced. My sister caught mom and I having s** and within a week joined us.

    Mom was with both of us from that time on. 25 years have passed and I have another child with mom and 3 with my sister.

    I think of Mom and my sister as my wives.

    Incest works for, but it not for everyone.

  • I know you from your letter. We were friends and you told me come your house one day, remember, and you let me do your mother. Remember that. We did her a lot when I come over and you didn’t want to tap her rear so she wanted me to and I did it. Remember that time I did that and she liked it a lot so I did it a lot after that. Remember the time I was there already doing her when you come home and you got mad about it. Remember that? But your mom said to you not to be mad cause she told me to come to her and she wanted us but you wasn’t home yet. And we were friends again. Remember that.

  • Interesting stats, I've had s** with two of my sisters and I know my friend was involved with his Aunt.

  • How sick. If this is a fantasy its sick. If this really happened it's even sicker. What's with all the stupid incest posts we've been seeing lately? I hope everybody involved does time in prison.

  • Why is incest sick? I think as long as incest happens between adults it's ok. The reason you see so many incest posts is because alot of people are into it. I've experienced incest and I see it as a positive experience in my life. Not all incest is bad.

  • Sis and I did the same type thing. But mom was bisexual and made love to both of us. Have 4 kid with Sis all normal. Mom wishes I had gotten her pregnant also. I know she wants s** with our oldest daughter now 18. We said see what happens.

  • Glad you're happy

  • Good for you for finding someone you love! Have wonderful day.

  • Totally normal as far as I'm concerned

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