Truth or dare became a s** game

I am eve, I'm 19 and I have a confession.
Everyone has played truth or dare right? You select one and have to tell the truth or do a dare. Well for my friends we all know each others secrets so it was all dare. So we decided to spice it up and we invented strip or dare. You get given a dare, but if you don't want to do it you can return the dare but you must take off an item of clothing (helps keep the dates reasonable, because it might always get returned). Also have to lose clothes for a failed dare.
I have a mixed group of friends which really spiced it up, and as there were less and less clothes the dare level kept going up. The game ended when someone got got totally naked in the circle of people.
On the game's second outing someone suggested we changed it to 'dare, strip, f***' whereby the first girl and first boy to lose all their clothes had to have s** in the circle of friends watching on, and we all had to agree before it started we would go through with it regardless of any relationships we were in.
I was single / Fwb, so I was in.
It didn't go well for me, after a couple of pass backs and a couple of failed dares I was down to panties and facing the f*** circle. When my dare came up the person setting the dare knew my situation and made the dare nearly as bad as very public s**. My dare was to j*** a guy off on to my face, and leave the c** on my face until the first naked couple got down to it.
I did it, I selected a guy, (we had once had s**, so less awkward) halfway though jeeking him off I thought, if he fails to c** I will have to have s** in the circle, but thankfully he was able to shoot all over my face (classy) and thankfully, the next girl ended up failing two dares back to back, and had to get in the circle and I got a tissue.

Anyway, I think it went too far, and I want to confess that I became a s*** with my friends, and a drunken party game nearly ended up an orgy lol. Hope you like my story Eve xxx

Nov 13, 2019

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  • Thanks for sharing Eve. That was a really sexy story. You sound like a pretty sexual woman. Maybe you should indulge yourself more often, but just be quieter about it.

  • Atta girl!

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