Family fun

One day win i was 15 my mom called for me so i wint to my parents room i wint in to find 7 year old sister riding dad d*** she was really getting in to it and and mom was laying in bed playing with her p**** mom told me to strip so i did she told me to kiss my sister she was going so hard i could barely get my tung in her mouth i grab her little flat nipples thin mommy told me it was her trun i climbed on top of mom and started f****** i was b**** deep and she was screaming her hed off i told her i was about c** she raped her legs around me pushing me deep in and sead go for it and i did after i cam we lade thar for a fue minutes watching dad and sister finish by this point i had a 2 wind we f***** again wile dad and sister watched i cam deep in mommy p**** again will look deep in to her eyes i looked over to see dad and sister at it again with my d*** in my mom i leaned over and started making out with sister my tung was deep inside her mouth win she sofley bit don't in an o****** witch coused me to c** a 3 time im mom as daddy came in her again sis got up and kisses me again she walked out of the room with c** running down her legs we all got clean up and watch tv that night i wint to bed around one i woke up to my sister kissing me we played around all night i cam in her 3 time that night we fell asleep with her on top of me with my d*** in her around 10 am i woke up to my sister crying my d*** got hard again i could feel i was still in her i opened my eyes to see see my dad on top of her his d*** was in her ass she was crying and begging for more so i started going at her p**** she squatted 6 time before me and dad finish i was covered in her c** dad left the room she kissed me and told me her but really hurt now as she hugged me got up we thin shower together the next night win i wint to bed she got in bed with me we wint to sleep lader that night we did it again we have ben sleeping together ever since we have been having family s** 3 to 4 time a week and me and sis every night win she was 12 she got pregnant i know its mine because win on her 11 birthday dad started only f****** her ass we have a 6 year old daughter now we are going to do her tonight hope she ready we have w 5 year old sun to and sis has sucked him off a couple times to


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  • I was raped b4 i was 11 the flrst time My sk ype is annie pri ce 123

  • My sk ype is annie pri ce 123

  • I was raped b4

  • 6 is going to be so nice, so tight

  • Sadly 6 is a bit too late, you should start when they are young, maybe 1-2 months (or days) old

  • I first rammed my rod up my daughter when she was 6 years old. I've never known a hole so tight!

  • That's really hot, tell us more.

  • Not original OP I could tell you a thing or two

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