Before masturbation I rubbed a green chilly on my p**** and wow

Many times I have applied the green chilly massage before masturbation for the thrill and hotness. The first time I thought it was the last time ever it shall be done. At the age of 12 one night I took a long green chilly from the kitchen and went to bed. Under the blanket removing my shorts I stroked my p**** and when it was hard to its fullness,I broke the chilly into two pieces and holding the both ends broken part pointing at my p**** I started to massage it from the base of my p****. Immediately I felt the hotness burning into my c*** skin therefore I quickly applied it all over my foreskin but didnot apply it on my c*** head. The burning feeling was incredible and leaving aside the chilly I started to stroke my c*** faster and faster and came too fast. But the
burning sensation did not subside. My c*** was throbbing and felt like dying. After another half an hour the burning subsided and I felt relaxed and slept. I further tried same after a week, this time had the courage to apply the green chilly on my c*** head and ghoosh it was more than I could suffer. With the stroking I felt it increased and to avoid the burning feeling I held tight my foreskin and allowed the hot s**** to cover my c*** head to give a soothing edge to the burning. Thereafter let out the c****** on to my hands washed my c*** with the warm c****** for subsiding the burning effects of the green chilly. I have applied this another four or five times in my life.

Nov 17, 2019

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  • Yes I lost a chilli pepper up mine once and it took ages to locate it

  • Tooth paste works better!!

  • Try playing with some nettles as it would seem you enjoy this type of stimulation. I've seen vids of females shoving nettles into there vag.
    Have no clue how that would be anyone thoughts to do.

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