Mom is an insensitive a******

My mom is an insensitive a****** who just be mean to mean on purpose for no reason. She is extremely bossy just keep accusing and ruining my days and only likes her Facebook page, probably people don't know the real her. She is gonna get it now.

Nov 18, 2019

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  • I have a close friend who blamed him for his father's "death by alcohol". For about 4 years she blamed him for everything, even slapping him a few times. One night when she was drunk she caught him jerking off in the middle of the night and she flipped out accusing him of being a pervert like his father. When she tried to hit him with a shoe he punched her in the stomach then easily wrestled her drunken body to the floor where he ripped her clothes off and f***** her. Over and over. Every time she tried to get away he'd wrestle her down and f*** her again, according to him 11 times. When he was done he tied her to his bed, went to sleep next to her then when he awoke in the morning he f***** her all day long. He said his c*** was sore he f***** her so much. She no longer blame's him for anything and has become his loving, obedient mother. I'm lucky enough to be a close enough friend that he lets me f*** her whenever I visit him. This woman who was a screaming b**** is now a submissive sexual servant and my friend is happy.

  • This one really didn't make any sense

  • Mom did that to me often. She was so angry dad left her for a young woman. And took it out on me.

    Finally, when I was 15, and Mom was 32, she destroyed a school project I had worked on for a week, because she didn't like my work. I followed her to he bedroom and I snapped, I slapped her several times, she was in shock from it. I ripped her dress off and she screamed so I hit her harder. I grabbed two of Dad's ties from his closet tied and her arms to the metal head board. She was crying saying No No. I then forced f***** her 3 times that afternoon c****** in her. I left her tied up so she knew who was in control. She never abused me again. I tied her up and forced f***** he every day for a month after that.

    Then Mom came to my bed one night holding the ties. I had stopped f****** her for a week.

    Please. She said. Please what? And mom said, Tie me F*** me. I did. It 30 years now and she comes to me each night. I knocked her up when I was 16 and made her gave the kid. A boy.

    I didn't hide what I did to his Mother from him. And at 14, i made her service him daily also at a year later at 47 she was pregnant from him. She begged to have an abortion, but I said no.

    Now the b**** had been willingly knock up by both of us.

  • I want to lick your mums bumhole

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