My wife's panties

My wife is definitely really cute, and has the hottest little p**** I've ever seen. She keeps it well maintained (and every once in a while, shaves copmpletely). Sometimes, when we have some friends over, I'll grab one of my guy friends, and we will retreat into our bedroom to smoke a bowl. Unbenownst to my friend, I've planted a bras and her panties on the floor, so it looks like she just left them there while changing, and I act as if I don't really mind if he sees them. I love seeing their reactions, and it really gets me off.

One time, I had a friend over, and we smoked a joint in our master bathroom (where she really did leave her hot little panties on the floor), and I know my friend saw them, because when he was smoking, I saw him look. When we finished the smoke, he said he had to p***, so I told him he could p*** in there, and then he came back out. About 15 minutes later, I had to p***, so I went back in there, and saw her panties were not on the floor anymore. I know he put them in his pocket, and took them home, and I think it's really hot that he probably jacked off with them over his face, while he was thinking about how perfect her p**** smells. So HOT!!!

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  • At age 20 had a girl friends family ask me to come over to her sisters apartment for Easter. So I went and the whole family was their about 6 of us. I had to p*** and my girlfriend told me to use her sisters bathroom in her bedroom. I walked in and saw her sisters dirty panties on the floor as if they were placed there on purpose. I couldn't help it but I jacked off with them rapped tight around my stiff c*** until I filled the p**** area full with my warm sperm.
    I walked out leaving them right where they had been, only minuets after her sister starts speaking very loudly who touched my panties, who! she made a huge thing over it. I was f****** so scared because I thought she would confront me but she didn't. I believe the family did it on purpose and if you would have seen the way everyone looked at me the rest of the afternoon. I sure love knowing my c*** shot a load touching her p**** juice, and knowing she looked at my thick c** all in her now c** filled panties.

  • I wear my wifes dirty thongs

  • I used to wear my wife's panties also, it made my c*** so hard, the feel of those tight little stained panties confining my large swollen c*** made me spurt loads of man milk all over myself. I made her panties even dirtier.

  • Maybe your wife left them there for him, prearranged pickup

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