Holy Crap

My husband and I just returned from a trip to Mexico, Just a qick one week trip with just the two of us, I had booked us in at a resort that is in a group with two others, You get a wrist band and you can go to any of the three resorts and have access to their beaches and services.
We went for a walk down the beach the one day, The one resort is...Clothing optional, We sat down and were relaxing, After a while my husband went to get drinks and I was going to surprise him by doing something completely out of my norm, I took my top off and had my back to him so he wouldn't notice until he walked up.
While he was getting drinks a...Black gentleman walked up and started talking to me, I have never seen a naked black man but let me say this, The rumours are true, Holy crap, I don't know why but I didn't think black guys got circumsized but he was and he was huge, I have never seen one in real life and you never know what's real and what's not in videos but oh my goodness. I can't say actual size measurements or what not but my husband said he had to be 10-11 inches long, He was just standing there talking me up and I was laying back in my lounger trying not to be completley embarrassed about the fact I was topless.
I told him I was married and looked over my shoulder, My husband was sitting at the beach bar and just smiled and waved, I waved him over and he laughed walking toward us, My husband walked up and stopped staring at the fact I was topless which was not the way I had planned on surprising him but whatever. The two shook hands and the black guy left, My husband commented on the fact I was topless and then we had a laugh about the fact I was topless. My husband commented on his size and I said "Oh my god...Right?, That is a BIG c***" My husband looked at me and said "You like that hey?" and I knew what he was talking about, I don't have anywhere near big b**** but I am a solid C cup but my nips were so hard they were aching.
My husband hinted to me that we should head up to the room for a quicky and I surprised him by accepting, He tried to talk me into leaving my top off so I did until we got to our beach and we ran to our room, I jumped him and eventually he had me face down on the bed, Doing me from behind whispering dirty things about the "Huge c***" on the beach and the dirty talk was working, He said "You want to try a huge d*** like that?", I played along and nodded yes, He went harder and harder as he kept talking and when I got off I am sure people outside our room heard me, We came together and left a HUGE wet spot from both of us on the bed and after catching our breath we went back to the beach and had a wondeful, relaxing day.
My little dirty story.

Nov 21, 2019

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  • Pretty hot story. Did anything ever come of it?

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