Woman w/surprise

I take hormone shots to get my b**** but I already have a c*** and I f*** more married "straight" men then one may think.

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  • Many men get killed because of this. I'm sure you've heard the stories by now. I feel the deaths are justified.

  • I do too. If they have to be deceptive to get play, they're scum. Doesn't matter what flavor of scum.

  • Cool, and i like the quotes on the straight, cause obvi. NOT STRAIGHT lol, have fun ;]

  • Pre-op trannys are hip these days. I blame Japan.

  • I'm not surprised. At all. People are freaks- they only pretend to be 'normal'. Guess what? There is no 'normal'. 'Normal' is on the same side of the coin as REPRESSION. Like someohow walking around with a huge stick in your ass and pointing your finger at others trying to condemn them somehow makes you less of a freak. It doesn't. We all have...desires. So be repressed if you want. You're still are what you are. A freak. A LOT of you like s*** you'll never admit to. And you know it. So get off your high horse. Lots of married 'straight' men like d***- they've just been pressured into hiding themselves- it's a part of the very society you participate in. But it doesn't change that they're out there. In droves. Hide your head in the sand and pretend you don't see. Condemn it. Then go lock yourself in the bathroom and look at your kiddie p*** just like you always do when you think no one is looking.

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