Sniffing my buddy's daugthter's & wife's panties while not home

I have actually jacked off in my friend’s house in his daughter’s bedroom when they went there (well, many times). His daughter is really cute, and has a well fit body. This was when she was a young teen. They used to take weekend trips, and I was there neighbor, and I would watch their dog for them, so I had full access to their house.

I used to snoop through her dirty panties and j******* while smelling her young p****. It was perfect. I would c** in her dirty laundry, and obviously, they never found out.

I used to go through his wife’s panties also. Spent a lot of time j********** there. Lol.

I also found her d****, and this rubber sleeve thing they used to jack him off. I used his j******* toy while sticking her small vibrator up my ass. That was SOOOO hot!!!

Then they moved.

Nov 25, 2019

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  • I did something very similar , I took all my mates wives underwear,bras and a suite case that i found in there wardrobe! it was all the s** shop buys they had been playing with and i had 16hrs to get it all back were it came from and My wife had our son and their two kids out in the car wating for me to feed the dog and rabbits!!!
    I flushed all the dog food cans down the toilet then called out to my wife that their out of dog food,go get two cans and ill feed the rabbits,"OK?" i said and they pulled out the drive way and drove off. I had 10 mins max before they would be back so i went threw the laundry stuffing all i could quickly into that suite case then ran it outside hiding it next to the driveway!!! h**** as h*** i was now i ran back inside went to their bathroom to check the dirty basket, on the floor was black panties inside out clearly the ones she had just taken off to shower 30 mins ago as i could see they were all damp in the crouch ! with the best white sticky stain line from her p**** been wrapped in them all day at a hens party!! Next was wow,

  • Love doing it with my nieces fantastic

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