Peeping (spying) on my neighbors having s**

When my wife and I moved into our old house, we became sort of friends with our neighbors (directly next to us). After a couple months, they had an unmarried couple move in (they were leasing a room of their house). The couple we were friends with was really nice. The wife was not very cute, but she had an ok body. The new couple that moved in was a little more my style. Early 20's, and hot.

I was taking the trash out one night, and my trash cans were on their side of the house. I heard some moaning and whatnot, so I went to check it out, since I could tell it was close, and coming from their window. It was obviously the kind of moaning which only happens during s**. They had a gate, and I was hesitant about going in, since they had a dog, but I did. Their bedroom window was on the 1st floor, and the bottom of their window next to their bed was about chest height. They had their blinds closed, but they were kind of f***** up and broken, so I could see in.

I had a clear view of him sucking on her shaved p****, and not only a clear view, since their bed was against the window, but I was about 3 feet from her head, and I was in her perspective. So it was as if I was watching in her point of view. I was so nervous. I know if he looked up and looked hard enough, he probably could have seen me through the cocked up blinds, but he didn’t, and I continued to watch. She was so close, I could have held her head in my lap if I was laying in bed also.

I watched her c** in his mouth. She went nuts - full convulsions!!! And I started j********** outside their window. Then she went down on him for a couple of minutes, and then, he started to f*** her, doggy style. At this point, they had shifted 90 degrees, so I was watching them from the side (about 5 feet from them, but separated by a pane of glass and some f***** up blinds).

I watched him f*** her hard until he came inside her. And then, he pulled out. I had a clear view of his c*** and her cream all over his c***. I came when he came. It was Epic!!! She laid there for a couple of minutes in ecstasy.

This operation continued for months. Sometimes I would just watch her in bed (she was always at least topless in their room), when he was at work. I actually watched him a couple of nights, hoping he would m*********, but he never did. I did though.

I saw them f*** 3 more times. I saw her go down on him 2 moretimes and he went down on her a couple times. And one time (the last tome I saw them), I watched her walking around her room on the phone naked for 20 minutes, and then she laid down on the bed naked to watch a movie. She didn’t m********* or anything, but I did. Every once in a while, she'll open her legs so I could see a clear view of her always shaved p****. It was almost as if she was trying to give me a shout, but I know she didn't know I was there. I always wanted to f*** them too. Nothing ever came of it, other than me getting a personal show a j********** right outside the window multiple times. There must've been so much c** under the window.

Then, they got married, and got their own house, and that was the end of that. They actually moved within our neighborhood, and I went to spy on them a couple of times after, but never made it into their yard. That was the end of an era. Super hot. I still jack after this.

Nov 25, 2019

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  • Before moving into the newly bought apartment, the maintenance work was being going on for a few days. When all the workers have departed after the days work before moving out I was just checking the bathroom taps and heard the next door neighbour's wife calling out for her husband from their bathroom. There was a ventilation just below the ceiling of my bathroom and it was kept open for painting purpose. I climbed up and peeped through the ventilation. The window of my bathroom was closed and converted into a rack, so they had no fear of anyone watching. I saw the wife was fully naked as if ready for bath and she was inviting her husband to take bath together. Saying so she went out of the bathroom and came back with her husband. She was pulling her husband by his c*** which was almost erect by then. They showered a little and then she bent down catching the tap for balance. The man simply started f****** in doggy style. I too started jerking my c*** alongwith their movement and started to count. In between he sometimes bends forward and fondled the dangling b****. She was thrusting back her butts and I counted around 350 and the man started to be faster and I lost my count as I was about c**. The man pumped two three last strong thrusts and took out his big d*** and started pumping out his huge c** on her buts and back. She then sat back and licked his c*** and sucked the last c** out of his c***. I too came at the same time just standing on the two stools. Back home I f***** my wife thinking her as the wife of the new neighbor and had a good s** experience. and I am done.

  • Very interesting, but dont you have a wife? Does it really get that s***** later on that you dont find interest in your wife at all? Or is it perhaps the added thrill you get from watching others (I know the feeling from sneaking into rooms in my uni which of which im not allowed into). Oh well, women are pretty retarded anyway and it makes sense you could just spy on them through blinds

  • I'm actually super-into my wife. I also like perving. It's definitely a downfall of mine, but I can't stop looking around

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