Crossdresser son f***** me

I'm a 43 year old widow and my 23 year old son Jess still lives at home.

Two years ago I came home very early on a Friday from work and found him in his room dressed as a woman with a very young boy (about 17) f****** his ass bareback. The boy came in my son. When they saw me the boy the grabbed his clothes and ran out of the house naked. My son ran down after him screaming no don't leave please. But his heels caught in the rug and be fell.

I closed and locked the door, and helped my son to his room. I said Jess, I don't understand this. Are you gay?

He looked at me still crying. It the only way I can have s** mom. I can't get erections with a girl. I must be gay. I tried twice but nothing happened. Even with a guy, I can only c** if I'm dressed like this.

I looked at him. Jess was pretty as a girl. He was always very feminine.

I said come with me, and we went to my room and I sat him on the bed. I said I'll be right back. I went to my dresser and took out some things and then into the bathroom.

I came out in a lacy bra, panties, nylons and heels. With bright red lipstick on.

Jess said, Mom I don't understand. I sat next him. Do you like how I look? Am I sexy? He answered Yes.

I took his hand, and sucked one of his fingers. I looked down an saw his c*** get a bit hard in his panties. Then I guided his mouth to my b****, I opened my bra and soon he was sucking them.

I fought the feeling, but I began getting wet. I gave in as he sucked I slipped off my panties and guided his fingers into me. I gashed as he played with me. It had been 5 years since anyone had touched me.

A few minutes later I reached down into Jess lacy panties he was rock hard. I pulled him to me and started kissing him. Pushed him down on the bed moved his panties to the side and held his c*** in my hand.

I climbed on the bed and mounted my son. He kept saying, Mom keep going, Mom I love you. Ten minutes into it I came. I was the hardest I had ever c**. It actually hurt it was so intense. I was about to say "Jess not inside me". When he grabbed my hips hard and came in me. He kept say, I love you over and over.

We laid there and kissed. Then he said, I know now I can c**, but only with you and only crossdressed. I only get hard as a girl.

Baby, we can do this anytime you want so your body learns to like women. We fell asleep and I woke up as he left the bathroom. Jess was pretty as a girl. I went to the toilet, he was on the bed waiting for me. He wanted s** again. I gave in. that weekend we had s** 12 times. All with him dressed as a girl all bareback with him c****** in me.

It was so taboo having the s** with my son. Being f****** by him while he was crossdressing. Knowing full well that I was not on the pill and that I was ovulating at that time. But I did not care it felt so good and so right.

We continue doing it twice a day after that first weekend. We both found the sexual satisfaction we needed. And lost ourselves in our special love.

A month after we started I was pregnant. We had a daughter that October. We knew it would happen but deep down we both wanted it.

I'm 45 now and two months ago Jess impregnated me again.

I love my son, more than I ever love his father. And find he is the perfect lover. And that I become super aroused when he is a crossdresser. We regularly use a double end d**** on his ass and in my p**** to f*** each other at the same time.

I have my perfect man. My son.

Nov 27, 2019

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  • I'd love a woman to f*** me as I dress as a sexy woman if a relation even better

  • You have done a great favor to your son by turning him back from habitual gay s**. The daughter you have now is the fruit of love of you two. At you age you have now a young stud to f*** with for the rest of your life. Treasure it!!

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