Belly Fetish

I'm a guy in my twenties and have a fetish for bellies, navels, and inflation/stuffing. I know it sounds odd but I really like the way a big distended belly looks on either a guy or girl. I also find deep innie belly buttons attractive to look at too. It'd be nice to talk to someone with a similar fetish, if you have one that's similar, leave your kik username and ill message you.

Dec 1, 2019

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  • I’m a female with who loves to see a guys stomach as he’s laughing, it makes me h****, just want to get on top of him.

  • I’m a 18 year old girl with a pregnancy/ round belly fetish. I wish someone would rub my big round belly and f*** me while rubbing my distended full belly. It turns me on so much . Give me your snap and I’ll reach out

  • Christiancole97

  • What’s ur snap?:3 m23

  • Do you have a Snapchat?

  • Hi. i have the same fetish, can we speak about it?

  • I've had a thing for my hot older sister's tanned, deep, oval innie navel for years. She knows it and loves the touching and attention. If she needed help around her house, boxes moved, computer fixed, etc, she knew I wouldn't do a thing unless she wore a bikini top, short crop top, or tied up whatever shirt she was wearing up to just below her bulging t***, so her full tummy and navel were exposed for my touching and play. I've done belly shots from her navel, licked ice from it, and generally used it when I want to.

  • Pack it full of faeces and let it go hard, the when you c** in it, it will melt into a cresny goo, like a yummy smote!

  • Creamy goo!

  • Yes, it's so "odd" that you post about it here about every three days

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