Barman f**** a customer

I worked a while ago as a barman in Farnborough.
One day a pretty ginger Irish girl named Patricia began coming to the pub daily.
I was 31 and Patricia was about 25.
She was pretty and she knew it.
I wanted to f*** her.
Every time she came to the bar she chatted about nothing , flirted , smiled and walked away.
One day I said to her
" I want to f*** you ".
She smiled and walked away .
At the end of the evening she came to the bar and said
" You can give me a lift home if you want ."
I said "Ok but we'll get a kebab on the way" which we did.

We got back to Patricia's rented room and just lay on the bed with our food.
Patricia turned the lights out immediately.
I ran my hand down the outside of her trouser and felt her mound through her closing expecting her to stop me .
She didn't.
I slid my hand down her trousers again expecting her to stop me until I was feeling her f**** area through her knickers.
I then not believing my luck and expecting to be stopped slid my hand inside her knickers until I could feel my hand on her pubes and her slit .
I had a major b**** and seriously wanted to f*** her now.
Suddenly she turned the lights on.
" What are you doing? I asked .
"Have you got any condoms ?"
She asked.
I said no but nip I'll go and and buy some from the petrol station .
" No" said.
" Go home and I'll to see you at the pub tomorrow."
I replied "But what do with this ?"
Showing her my rock hard k***.
" That's for you".
She insisted I leave.
I went hone and had a w*** feeling really p***** off.
The next lunchtime Patricia came to the pub with condoms.
I took her back to mine.
Patricia stood at the end of the bed and immediately dropped her jeans and. Knickers.
I slid three fingers up her hairy c*** and started to w*** her off.
Patricia smiled and said
" You can't do that to me ! ".
I carried on fingering her hairy ginger f**** until she pulled away and laid on the.floor her back.
I climbed on and f***** her while squeezing her.massive t*** through her top. I never did see her t***.
But.I got to f*** her !!!
Job done.
As we left my room we met my landlord landlady Rachael on the stairs.
That's another story.
Rachael who is.blonde and about thirty has no idea that I've been stealing her knickers to sniff while walking or that I've been collecting her brown pubes from her.dirty knickers
I want to see her hairy f****. I reckon she's got a proper hairy bush in her knickers but I'll.probably never know.

Dec 2, 2019

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  • I used to be in the navy, knew a guy called nick Smith from Farnborough.
    He was a goth type, good lad.
    He left the navy and worked as a security guard, I'm guessing in Farnborough, last I heard he had got bitten by some female junkie who was shoplifting 😂
    On a side note, I also steal and sniff dirty knickers, I sweat the smell gets me high!
    I'm from Southampton, AMA

  • I like to talk about hot girls at the sports bar I go to, and also my hot older sister! Look for my many confessions on these important topics!

  • Describe your sister and explain why she is hot ! Do you know her measurements and if she has a bush ?

  • Look for my many confessions on these important topics! I'm not doing your work for you. Besides, Mom says my PopTarts are ready

  • I'm now Security Officer employed on a shopping precinct .
    I often see things I shouldn't when girls are careless.
    I take some of the girls to lunch..
    One girl called Claire is a little snooty and thinks she is better than the rest of us.
    Claire is a strawberry blonde aged about 22yrs and around 5ft tall.
    One day she accidentally was showing rather more of her bra and cleavage than normal so I advised her.
    Claire replied snootily
    ' You shouldn't be looking !".
    I left the shop.
    Later that day as I stood in her shop Claire without thinking dropped to her knees to help a customer pack a bag on the floor.
    As she did so Claire 's smart uniform blue skirt rose above her. Knees and I got a full view of her white knickers covering her pubic area .
    I could distinctly see the shape of. Her bulge .
    Claire was totally unaware.
    As I looked closer I could see two wispy brown pubic hairs with gold ends protruding from each side of Claire's knickers.
    I came in my pants there and and then knowing that I'd seen the posh girls knickers, the shape of her c*** bulge and that she clearly has an unshaved brown c*** in those white knickers .
    I had to go to the toilets to finish wanking.
    I talk to Claire often and want to confess and tell her that I'd willingly f*** her but don't dare as if she complained. I'd lose my
    There is another girl too working on the precinct that doesn't that both her manager ,me and most of the blokes have seen her f**** and would all f*** her given the chance.
    Katie is a pretty blonde from.Surrey aged about 21 yrs.
    Katie left her holiday snaps in her shop of herself full frontal on holiday with her holding her boyfriend's k***.
    Katie clearly displaying her full thick totally untrimmed black f**** bush.
    Glenn. Her manager showed the pics to all us blokes.
    Talking to Katie now is so awkward.
    I w*** thinking about her pretty face and hairy black c*** regularly.

  • To continue the above posh Claire and her blonde big titted workmate Kim recently started to come to see me and my workmate Kelvin in our security control room beneath the shopping centre at night when are alone.
    I showed the girls one night that we can with the C.C.T.V. cameras zoom in close and see inside any car as it parks in the car park. I told Claire we watch her.
    Claire laughing said to Kim
    " They're trying to get an eye full !"
    Little did she know that the toilet door in the security control room that is locked with a bolt from Inside also also has an old unused brass key hole in the door and looking through it the entire room including the toilet can be seen.
    The girls usually visit us together and always use the toilet.
    We can't spy on them when both as are present.

    Claire often comes alone which gives Kelvin and myself the opportunity to spy on Claire when she uses the.toilet.

    Kelvin and I have both watched her having a p*** several times and marvelled at her naturally hairy brown hairy triangle that we obviously shouldn't see and of course the posh b**** doesn't know we've seen her c***.
    Kelvin and I work alone and so are able to w*** as we watch Claire on the toilet.
    She normally comes to us just to have a p*** on her way home from the pub.
    It makes our night .
    If only she knew !
    I'd love to sniff her white knickers that have been round her f****.
    Kim hasn't yet used the loo and Kevin and I are both hoping she will so we can see her c***. We are desperate to.know what colour her c*** hair is.
    Maybe one day........

  • Ahh so nice :)

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