Hella h****

It’s after school my boyfriend and i were going to his house, he tells me no ones gonna be home and gives me this look. I’ve seen the look he wants me. He wants me bad. So i look back at him as we drive and say oh really, have i been a bad girl then? Do i need a beating from behind. I give him my puppy dog eyes even though he knows i love when he does this naughty dirty thing to me. He sits silent for the rest of the car ride. We get to his house and i walked into in room. He continues on by shoving me down on the bed and passionately kissing me. He starts at my lips and works his way across my b**** to my nipples which he sucks on slightly but only to tease me because he has something much better in mind. At this point he’s midway down my stomach placing kisses all over i feel his hand start up my thigh in a teasing matter. He very very slowly slides his middle finger in just making wait patiently. His lips have now met my c*** making me squirm with pleasure. He goes down on me for about 20 minutes making me c** all over his face over 5 times. At this point i’m basically begging for him to slide his now throbbing c*** inside me and thrust so deep that i can feel it in my bones. I’m hornier than i’ve ever been. I want him. I want all of him. I want to feel his big warm c*** inside my tight p****. Everytime he thrusts i moan so loud i’m sure the neighbors hear my cries of pure ecstasy. He pulls it out every so often to remind me how full he makes me. How big his throbbing c*** is inside me. My c** covers his d*** i can feel my wetness flowing down my leg. But now it’s time for me to take charge. I push him off of me his coco pulling out of me making me feel empty only making me crave his c** more and more. I get on top of his and before i put it back in i rub my p**** on his c*** which is now flat to his stomach. then i lean to one side and fill my p**** up with him. I f****** ride him like a cowgirl so hard we are both breathing heavy and sweating h**** as ever. I scream as i’m about to o***** for like the hundredth time and he’s about to o***** too we both moan and groan. i say i don’t want any of his c** leaking out of me so he flips me over and finishes thrusting a few last times making me c** the most i ever have. I want him to fill me with his baby juice which he does with love saying that i’m the best s** he’s ever had. I lean up to his ear and say.... Next time f*** me a little harder okay daddy? And then almost instantaneously i felt him get hard inside me again.

Dec 3, 2019

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  • Can I know more of you sxx stories. Interesting to read more about you n your bf.

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