Caught my stepdad sniffing my dirty panties

I cannot believe what happened to me earlier I came home early and went straight up to my room. Didn't expect anyone home. But I got a shock.
There laying on my bed wearing a pair of my silky thongs and with a pair of my dirty panties over his face and sniffing and licking the crotch while wanking his very hard c*** was my stepdad Terry. Well I was so shocked. I screamed out and Terry jumped a mile and tried to hide his erection.
What the f*** are you doing you pervert wait till I tell Mum that I caught you sniffing my dirty panties while jerking off. Calm down he said she already knows he said. What the f***. She knows that I sniff and lick your dirty panties while I j*** off she even wears them sometimes when we have s** and she sits on my face in a dirty pair of yours and rubs herself off. Talking dirty to me asking me how does Daddy like like like to sniff his little girls p****.
I am not the only one who sniffs and licks your dirty panties he told me your brother does all the time as well, and he sniffs your mums dirty panties as well. She has court him loads of times and she lets him j*** off in front of her while she rubs her p**** through her panties making them really wet and sticky and after she c*** in them she takes them off and he licks and sucks her cream out then he spunks into her gusset and hands them back to her and she puts them back on rubbing all his s**** into her sticky c***.
What panties are you wearing now he asked me I was still shocked but told him black lacey ones. show me he said and as if in a trance I lifted my skirt and showed my own stepdad my panties.
Can I sniff those ones please. He immediately dropped to his knees in front of me and stuck his nose right in my crotch and took a deep sniff.
He then pulled me down and made me sit right down on his face and told me to f*** his face till i c**. I was getting so wet and aroused and i just did it it didnt take me long of humping his face and i c** right into my knickers soaking them. He then pulled them to the side and stuck his tongue right inside my p****. I want you to be wearing your panties everytime i sniff and lick them from now on. I just nodded. I cant waight to tell your Mum later.

Dec 3, 2019

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  • How old are you?

  • I am 15

  • Your stepdad is a lucky man .He probably imagines f****** you.
    do you look like ? Have you got a hairy p**** ?
    I could f*** you in your school uniform
    What colour are your pubes ?
    I sniff my step daughter 's bra and knickers and I know she has red pubes.
    Her me Melissa 's knickers before washing them.

  • Your step dad is a lucky man. I love to suck the j*** off my 14 year old neighbours knickers and sniff where her sweaty smelly arsehole has been. I would love if she found me and let me eat her little c*** and suck the juice from her a***. But I know in reality she’d scream and get me beaten up then arrested.

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