High s** drive

Since at a young age younger than five, I would m********* a lot. Not as weird as like in public or anything like that but, I did a lot. It wasn’t till recently Did I question why. It is common for a person to have a high s** drive if they where sexually molested. We have a survival instinct to bury a tragedy deep inside us to the point that we are convinced it never happened. I kept thinking and I remember, before I was five not really sure of time frame I just know it had to be before I was five because my mom divorced my biological father before then. My father used to m********* in front of me all the time. Weird thing to remember at such a young age. I don’t think it was anything more than that. But like I said we built walls starting as kids. It took me this long for me to realize this. Maybe there is no reason for me to be this way. But to m********* at such a young age was that normal? Does everyone feel that way before they are five. Do people have high s** drives for no reason at all?

Dec 4, 2019

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  • You don’t have to have been molested to have a high s** drive. I’ve masturbated daily for 40 years! My sister showed me how to m********* when I was 3 & she was 6, by having us hump our kitty’s on pillows. Then when I was 10 & she was 13, we started scissor-tribbing our kitty’s together, grinding & humping until we came all over each other. We did that for 6 or 7 years. To this day, I hump a pillow daily and wish it was her kitty I was grinding on, and I’m 43! Nobody was molested, I just have a super high s** drive. Morning s** daily, nightly s**, daily, so twice a day s**, with sometimes an extra round thrown in on weekends. Plus a daily dose of pillow humping, too. My husband loves my high s** drive with him, but my pillow humping is all about my sister and Lesbian incest memories & fantasies, and warm wet kitty’s grinding together scissor style... I have K9 fantasies too, but no experience.

  • The only person I have a high s** drive for is my sister Kelly. I'm 39 she 30. We started fooling about when she was 15, I was 24. BTW she came to me wanting s**. She lost her virginity to her 18 year old boyfriend the month before and mom and dad caught them one day and cut her off from him. Then she turned to me, I was in love with her actually so I gave in immediately.

    We been together since that night. Our parents discovered our incestuous love 2 years later and threw Kelly out of the house she moved in with me

    We have 2 twin daughters, she had at 18. Our s** drive is set to high, we always want each other. She wants more kids, so no birth control just flood her with my c**.

  • Pretty soon, like right now at age 12, your twin daughters will grind their kitty’s together for lots of hot coming on a daily basis, & in about 6 years, they’ll probably be doing you two, their parents, too...

  • Good for you! Shame your parents weren't more understanding.

  • I started at 7, when 2 older cousins , a boy Jake 8 and his sister Melissa started messing about in the attic one summer day. We all got naked and they showed me what to do. My c*** was bigger than Jake's and Melissa held me until I was very hard. I was fascinated watching Melissa finger herself. She had me touch her p**** and she was wet.

    Then Jake and melissa layed on a sofa that was stored up there and they had s**. He Jake couldn't c** yet. After 10 minutes Melissa was arching her back constantly, I think she was c******. Then she asked me to do the same thing to her. She liked it alot her body shuttered, I know now she c******. That summer we played with each other alot.

    I started masturbating alot that fall, mom caught me alot and never said anything in time it became a normal thing with us. By 13 I would sit with mom watching TV on her bed and just start jerking. Then one night I came and mom said, Your becoming a man now.

    The next night she reached in my PJ's and started jerking me. I came a in a few minutes. Then she had me touch her, I knew what to do from Melissa. Mom said I was such a good son. Then she came. A month later mom got in the shower with me and took me in her mouth I came fast and she swallowed.

    After that it became s** with her.

    30 years later, mom and I m********* in bed most mornings and then have s** at night.

    BTW my Jake has knocked up Melissa 3 times and they live a couple. We sometimes have 4somes with Mom.

    Mom loves incest.

  • I started touching my cousins at 2 and 4 I was 8, I f***** the older one when I was 12

  • I've always had a high s** drive but I can't honestly remember when I started masturbating. I have very keen interest in incest and I have slept with my sister many times. If I had the opportunity I would have s** with my mother as well.

  • I'm not going to tell you that it didn't happen, but please be careful about trying to bring up memories from the past. It's possible to look so deeply for an explanation that you end up creating memories out of nowhere. Psychologists have helped patients "recover" memories that have resulted in the arrest of family members only to find out later that they were innocent and there was evidence to exonerate them.

    It might be a little strange to start masturbating at 5 though. However, I started getting into it back when I was about 7. Friends were curious about my body and I'd let them touch my p**** and watch me pee. I was a s*** all through middle and highschool and I got into some really kinky things once I entered highschool. I'm 19 now and I'm just now realizing that I've turned into a s** addict. I've thought about going into therapy for it but I'm not sure if I ever will.

  • I wish I was your friend touching your 7 yr old p**** and watching you pee, I would have loved to drink it

  • No one really knows what normal is.

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