Addicted to sharing wife’s nude photos on Cuckold Consutant chat

I am 59 years old and I live with a constant fantasy of seeing my beautiful wife have s** with other men. We have a crazy s** life and I have hinted to her numerous times of my thoughts. I found this website Cuckold consultant that has a chat room that you can share pics with others and chat back and forth. I love to read their comments. She is a looker and very hot. I find myself addicted to these actions and feel very guilty as she is unaware. It’s such a rush that I am having a difficult time stopping. Can’t get it off my mind. She loves for me to take hot photos of her and she looks great for 53. Young guys seem to love her. I have to stop

Dec 6, 2019

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  • I have the same desire but I would never post my wife's pics without her knowledge and consent. Having said that, I've posted quite a few of her sexy pics (with her consent)on Instagram and I've really enjoyed the comments from men who are turned on by her.

  • Love to see them

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