I asked my mum to show me her f****

My name is Steve I'm 20.
Tonight I asked my mum.Edna who is 43 to show me her f**** and she did !!!

Mum was doing the ironing when I said
" Mum I've been sniffing your knickers since I was fourteen and collecting your pubic hairs that I find in them.
Mum said
I know you've been taking my knickers but didn't know why".

I said I sniff them while I play with myself.
It all started when we all shared that room on holiday and are saw you in your bra and knickers and you said
" There's nothing to see boys "

I've wanted to see your f**** since then. Will you show me ?
I know your bra size is 34B.
Mum just looked at me.

Mum, " Can I unzip your trousers ? ".
" Oh go on then " She said.

I unzipped mum's trousers to see the same brown and blue flowery knickers
She had worn when undressing in front of me and my brothers on holiday.
" Mum, can I pull these down ?"
I asked .
" I suppose so ." She said

I took hold of the waistband and pulled my mum's knickers down slowly to reveal her full bush of long curly dark brown pubic hairs.
I noticed that as I expected she had trimmed her pubes stay in her knickers which is why saw nothing watching her undress on holiday.
" Happy now that you've seen mummy's f**** ?" She asked.
" Thanks mum , can I touch it ? ".
Mum didn't answer so I took that as yes.
I ran my fingers through her thick mass off soft pubic hairs and felt everything between her legs until I reached her bum hole.
Felt her f**** but didn't finger my mum as that seemed a step too far.

Too.finish I Stuck my face deep in my mum's pubes and inhaled.
Heaven !!;

I said " Thanks mum " and stood up.
Mum said
" I suppose you'll disappear for a w*** now ".
I didn't answer but she wasn't wrong.
I dream of f****** her but know that's wrong !


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  • Nice one Steve you renegade

  • Mum is actually 53 not 43 .
    The smell of her f**** hairs is amazing and to have those curly hairs in my mouth while still attached to her was amazing.
    Soon I'll see if she'll let me feel her t***, take her bra off and see her totally naked.
    I'll carry on sniffing her knickers though.
    I think she enjoys what I do now she knows.
    I would f*** her but I can't ask her that. !!

  • Why can't you ask her for s**? She seems quite open with you. I used to have s** with my mum and it was so amazing! I think it's healthy for a mum and son to have s**.

  • I've got to talk to mum
    I really want to f*** her

    She smells so good if she hugs me.
    53 years old ,
    Petite 5ft tall, nice 34B t*** and that wonderful hairy copper brown hairy f****.
    I've just enjoyed s pair of her dirty knickers tonight with p*** stains, a skid mark and more curly pubic hairs to suck on.
    I really want to f*** my mum !!!

  • S** seems a step too far currently.
    I've only seen her f**** once and she seemed unsure.
    I really want to see her t*** next and possibly watch her having p***.
    We'll go from there I think.

    How did it start with your mum ?
    How old were you both and did she have nice t*** and a hairy f****?
    What colour if she did and did it match the hair on her head ?

  • Hi, s** is a natural step and it certainly isn't a step too far. I've always been very affectionate with my mum and I would very often join her in bed. My mum is attractive with long black hair and pale skin. Her b****** are quite small but I like them that way. We never planned s** it just happened when I was 14. It felt very natural to me and I enjoyed it so much. I think if it's consensual and done in a loving way, s** between family members should be allowed.

  • Mums are great aren't they!

  • Mine is ! I love her hairy f****.
    I really must see her naked again.
    I really want to feel her t*** and maybe I'll. Finger her.
    My dad died some years ago do mum hasn't been f***** for ages.
    I think she enjoys it knowing that I find her sexy.

    I do Dream of f****** her but that's wrong !
    Describe your mum to me

  • It's not wrong at all. Who says it's wrong? Not all incest is bad.

  • Steve again. I decided you are right tonight .
    I "accidentally" went in the bathroom as mum lay in the bath.
    I saw her white t*** for the 1st time and her hairy brown f**** again with the white area where her knickers would be.
    I said " Mum I want to f*** you."
    She was surprised and said
    " I'll let you if you don't tell your brothers".
    I helped mum dry and we went to her bed.
    Mum down. I climbed on, grabbed her t*** ,inhaled her aroma and f***** her hairy f****. Neither spoke .
    Mum squealed like a little girl as I f***** her. I pulled out and covered her thick brown pubes with my s****.
    Mum asked" Enjoy that ?" Did you enjoy f****** your mum ?"
    " Yes mum, we will do that again !".

  • Cut the b's. If want to have s** with your mother then go for it! Seduce her and be flirty.

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